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Media Interview with Floyd Mayweather

Posted on 04/16/2008

Floyd Mayweather Conference Call
October 23, 2007, 4:00 p.m. ET

OSCAR DE LA HOYA: Thank you very much. It is my pleasure to introduce to you undefeated the boxing great Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather versus British Icon Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton on Saturday, December 8, live from the MGM Grand garden arena. This fight will be televised on HBO pay-per-view. We have great sponsors on board. It shows the invitation that the star power of Mayweather and Ricky Hatton together, we can attract these type of sponsors, like Rock Star energy drink, with Southwest Airlines and Tecate beer.

It is my pleasure to, for a while now, be working with the CEO of Mayweather promotions who is co-promoting this main event along with Golden Boy Promotions, Leonard Ellerbe.

LEONARD ELLERBE, CEO, MAYWEATHER PROMOTIONS : Thanks, Oscar. First, I’d like to thank everyone for coming on the call. We’re right on schedule with our preparation for our fight now, since Dancing with the Stars is over. I’d like to commend Floyd personally for doing such a great job while being on the show.

Obviously, with Floyd being the face of boxing this was an excellent opportunity for Floyd to be seen on a mainstream platform with, I guess, over 20 million viewers weekly tuning in. In turn, with Floyd being on the show this will obviously bring many more eyes to our fight on December the eighth. And ultimately, in my eyes, I think it really, really will elevate the sport. By Floyd being on the show, he obviously, never stopped his commitment to the fight, many days running, seven, eight miles, sparring eight nine rounds, doing double duty. It just goes to show you what his commitment was. But, now we’re ready to push himself to the limit for this fight. So, without further ado, my main man himself, Money Mayweather.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Hey. What’s going on everybody? First of all, I want to thank God. I want to thank Golden Boy Promotions. And I want to thank my up and coming company, Mayweather Promotions. I mean, I think we’re going to do a hell of a job, you know, with this fight. And camp has went tremendous. And I’m constantly trying to go outside the box. When I say go outside the box, that means I’m trying to go – I’m not just trying to promote the fight. With (INAUDIBLE) I’m, as well, pushing myself to the limit. You know, we’re trying to make the impossible, possible. And I feel great, you know, just to work so hard to become an A-lister. This truly is a blessing. And I didn’t do it by myself. We had a good team.

You know, first off I want to thank Al (ph), everybody from my team. But one of the main people that I never talk about that I really want to thank is my mother, because, you know, every day when I go out, when I lace some boots up, when I lace some gloves up, and I strive hard, that’s the person that I really, really want to thank because she’s been, you know, she made strive harder. And the reason why she made me strive harder because I can remember days when she was working in that nursing home when she was – there had been days when she was cleaning up old folks and they died in her arms. She took her last money, when she took her last money for us, her last $100 she had to her name to do what she could possibly do for me, you know, when my birthday came. So, things like that is what makes me strive hard and dedicate myself to the sport of boxing.

It’s been a long tough road, but, I think, it’s a great world. And, you live and you learn and only the strong survive. So, I’m here on December 8. I know what I have to go out there and do. I’ve been there before. And I’ve got to go out there and be myself and work hard.

KELLY SWANSON: OK. Floyd, thank you so much. And we’ll open it up for questions. Now, just a couple of housekeeping notes. The fight is at the MGM. And of course, it broke a record by selling out the fastest in history. However, we do have plenty of closed circuit seats left and available for people to buy. So, if you could please mention that, we’d appreciate it. And of course, it’s on HBO Pay-per-View that night. So, we look forward to getting as many viewers as possible.

Floyd I’m going to start. And I want to know, because you talked about your mom, what dance was her favorite from Dancing with the Stars? Which night did she like the best?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, my mother – we understand business, and we understand how certain things go. But, my mother was just happy with me just going out here being at my best. It’s different – where I come from, I’m used to dealing with one-on-one basically and that’s in boxing. So that’s one-on-one combat. There, I had a team. A teammate which was Karina Smirnoff she was my partner. So that’s a little bit different coming from a one-on-one sport to get into the ball with something that’s totally different and having a team. So, it was something different.

But, she enjoyed it. She enjoyed it. She had fun. She said, “As long as I went out there and gave it my best, she was happy.”

DAN RAFAEL, ESPN: Well, my question for you is, you know, I know you were excited to be on the show, you showed that when a bunch of us visited you at the dance studio with Karina on the day of the Barrera Pacquiao. But, I’m wondering, you know, now that it’s over with, I’m sure you’re a little bit disappointed to have been eliminated that early in the competition. But I’m wondering, are you, at least, a little bit relieved that it’s done and you can now – you know, I know you’re always taking the fight serious, but now that that’s behind you, you can now take the fight much more seriously and then – and really 100 percent focus on the match with Ricky?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, I would rather go home early then go home, you know, a week before the fight. I’d rather go home early. I mean it’s just like when you’re fighting a guy, you say to yourself, like – it’s hard to explain. It’s more like – I mean I was happy that – just to get the experience, just to go on dancing with the stars, just do so something different, because I was the only athlete that was active. You have other athletes, they weren’t active. They were like – I was doing two things at one time. I had to wake up, go to the dance studio. After the dance studio, go to the boxing gym. After the boxing gym, go run. After the run, I had to go back to the dance studio. After the dance studio, then I had to go to physical training, you know, at the fitness gym.

So, I mean it was grueling, but was it worth it? Absolutely.

DAN RAPHAEL: I’m trying to characterize it then. Are you happy that maybe that the – you know, you’ve got eliminated right at the right time. Enough to be on the show long enough to get the exposure?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I think I got eliminated at the right time. I mean I was happy. I didn’t mind going home, honestly. You know, I really didn’t mind. It was good. And up until there on Dancing with the Stars, there was no loser. Just to get that level and to push your self to doing something different, I mean it was crazy. It was wild. But I enjoyed myself.

ROBERT MORALES, LA DAILY NEWS: Oscar, when you heard – as somebody who did a lot of other things besides boxing yourself, at one point in your career, what did you think when you heard that Floyd was going to be going on Dancing with the Stars?

OSCAR DE LA HOYA: Well, I – being a fighter myself, you know, and the fighting world, you know, it’s a small world. And we all know that Mayweather is a professional when it comes to his boxing. We all know that he’s always in great shape. We all know that he goes to the gym every day and he doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke. He doesn’t – you know, he has not bad habits. You know, so it really didn’t worry anybody much, you know, because even though if he did stay until the last week, you know, we felt it wasn’t going to effect him because he’s always in great shape.

And so, you know, obviously, in my case, I think it was a little bit different, you know. I wouldn’t stay in shape, like Mayweather in between fights, and so, it was a different case for me. You know, when I was fighting and younger, but with Mayweather, I think there no doubt that he can pull this off with no problem.

ROBERT MORALES: Floyd, I noticed at the end of your fight with Oscar, in fact, I noticed it on all of the late rounds, that you were not one bit tired. And I started to think myself that if you had – needed to, you probably could have easily boxed 20 rounds that night, and maybe still not have been tired. Where the hell does that come from? Is part of it genetics? Is it a combination of genetics and dedication? Because really it is incredible?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well I don’t train like no other fighter. We don’t train like no other fighter. And, I mean of course, Oscar is – he’s one of the guys that’s going down in history as one of the best guys of my era. And if I’m fighting one of the best guys of my era, I’ve got to push myself to the limit. And what I was doing for that fight is – actually I’m training harder this fight than I did for that fight because for that fight, you know, I just started boxing nine rounds probably into the third week. But, I think it’s my second day back boxing – it’s my second day back boxing in the gym I started boxing nine and 10 rounds.

So, I’m all ready in tremendous shape all ready. I’m running eight miles. And it’s just that we don’t – we’re not like no other fighter. We don’t use a bell when we go to the gym. We don’t use a bell at all. We don’t even have a bell in our gym. So, sometimes when we box, we box, you know, six to eight straight minutes, because if a guy gets tired, we put another guy in to keep boxing. So, I guess I’m a throwback fighter. I’m a fighter than can fight 15 rounds, you know, if needed. But, I mean I have nothing but the utmost respect for all of these – you know, all fighters who dedicate themselves to his craft. And I just come with tremendous shape.

I mean a lot of it is God-given talent. Most of it is God-given talent, you know. And the rest is just hard work.

FRANKLIN MCNEIL, NEWARK STAR LEDGER: You did great on Dancing with the Stars, how did the experience of being on that show, what can you say – how did it benefit you personally, as a person?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Man, you know, what, I had a chance to – you know, you get a chance to see different – well different – you got – I mean, outside of the ring, they call me Money Mayweather, because, you know, I’m hustling. I’m constantly hustling. But, on Dancing with the Stars, it’s Pretty Boy Floyd. I mean you’ve got different Mayweather. When you see me on 24/7, you say this kid is wild. And I mean, you know, I’m going to show you versatility and being a chameleon, adjusting and adapting to your environment.

So, I mean the show – I mean it was good. I got a chance to meet different people. I had a chance to be on the show where people wasn’t paying to see me. So, it’s different. It was a great experience. And it was a great experience and it was a great show. People were nice. And actually, I was the only one on the show that was the best at what he do because I don’t really know the race car driver, but he’s not the best race car driver. Some of the people were actresses weren’t the best. And you had like Mark Cuban, he’s not the richest billionaire. So, I was the best at what I do. Obviously, I’m in the sport of boxing and what I do.

So, when I was sitting next to the competitors, that’s what I was thinking, I’m like, I looked around and said, “Now what makes me different from the rest of them?” I said, “I’m the only one that’s the best at what I do.”

FRANKLIN MCNEIL: My next question is for Leonard, and Floyd don’t answer this question. Let Leonard answer first. Leonard, on the Hatton call, he talked about looking at the Castillo fight and the Oscar de la Hoya fight that Floyd had. And he talked about pressuring Floyd. I want to know from you, why that strategy of keeping pressure, pressure, pressure with Floyd won’t work, why that is not a strategy that’s going to work in this fight.

LEONARD ELLERBE: Because, you know, Franklin, to be actually honest, we’ve had a number of great trainers who have worked with several fighters that Floyd has faced, and they all seem to think that that’s the way to make Floyd feel uncomfortable. But, actually, we welcome that. I mean, because they all have tried and they all come up with the same result. So, no matter what Ricky Hatton tries to do on December the eighth, it’s going to still be the same result. You know, he is a.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Excuse me. But they don’t know the Castillo (ph), that I fought, I fought him, what, six years ago? And, you know, when he a facing this guy, I mean a guy who’s going out there, knowing he’s not getting no money, he’s like, “Why am I here and fighting if I’m going home with no payday? Why go the 12 if I’m not getting no money?” I mean, when you punch Castillo to the body, Castillo turns – does a 360 turnaround, took five steps and went to one knee.

I’m not saying that he’s not a pretty good fighter. He’s an OK fighter. I really don’t know much about him. But, he can’t compare himself to an Oscar de la Hoya, because he hasn’t accomplished what Oscar de la Hoya has accomplished in the sport, not even close to it. I mean we’re talking about a guy who’s 140 and a guy who went to 147 and didn’t really win a title weight at 147. So I mean, he’s entitled to say what he wants to say.

You know, come December 8, we welcome the pressure, because that’s what we like. We fight better going backwards.

SHARON ROBB, CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Floyd, hi. I have two questions, one serious and not so serious. But the first one is, have you done everything there is to do in boxing? I mean are you pretty pleased with what you’ve accomplished? And are you at all getting bored with this? Or do you just want to take it as far as you can?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I really don’t know. I feel good every day, when my son goes to the gym, because my son is starting to box. My son – both of my boys love boxing. As far as me in the ring, I mean that’s cool. I mean, I’ve been doing it for so, so long. So, some days I feel – it just before you get me to the gym. I’ll feel like I don’t want to go to the gym. But once I get there, I work hard, real hard.

It’s more like some days I am bored with the sport, I’m being honest. I can’t – you know, I’ve got to look at myself in the mirror, every day. I mean certain days – it’s not like it used to be. I think I like this sport better when I fighting for free, you know, because when you’re young you don’t have concerns so you’re not worried about nothing. I mean you just never know what can happen in the sport of boxing. A lot of times you worry about certain things like, if I die in the ring, you worry about what’s going to happen with your kids, what’s going to happen with your family. So, when I didn’t have nothing to live for, when I didn’t have no kids to live for, I really wasn’t worried about nothing. I was like I don’t care what goes on. I’m just going here to fight, if I die, so be it. And, now that I’m a lot older and a lot wiser, it’s more like I’ve got something to live for. And I’ve got some people – I know people in my household who love me. So, I mean that worries me a lot because, I feel like my job is like a cop, one shot can end your whole career. So, you know, that’s why, you know, I’m real smart, real conscious about certain moves that I make inside the ring, as well as outside the ring.

SHARON ROBB: And the second question is, what do you think about a dance off with Evander Holyfield? Who would win that bitty?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, you know, of course, he’s a legend in the sport of boxing. But in dancing, we all ready know, that, Evander Holyfield have two left feet. And I mean, he definitely can’t out dance me. He all ready know that. I mean that’s a first round knock out.

GEORGE WILLIS, NEW YORK POST: Leonard, as far as Mayweather promotions, what role are you guys actively doing as far as the fight is concerned. Oscar talked about all of the sponsorship and stuff like that. What is Mayweather Promotions bringing to the table?

LEONARD ELLERBE: We’re working hand in hand with Golden Boy Promotions. Obviously, this is our first event. Hands down, Golden Boy Promotions is the best promotional company that’s out there. So, we’re just basically trying to follow their lead, learn from them and eventually, we plan to be on top just like they are.

GEORGE WILLIS: Do you think you’ll be able to work with companies like Top Rank any time soon?


FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, it’s more like this, I think Oscar de la Hoya and Richard Schafer have done a hell of a job with their company. And you must crawl before you walk. I mean we’re talking small steps right now. And, you know, we got our building, we got our people also that we have, that’s where our company will be at.

And what else, can I say? They’ve done one hell of a job with their company. I just, I mean, there’s no company like Golden Boy Company, like you said, they pay, they don’t play. They pay. And when they say they’re going to make something happen, they make it happen and that’s the kind of company that we’re trying to be like. I mean the company is – you’d be amazed at what they do. When they say Floyd, you’re going to have a $6 million check in the mail, I mean they say it’s going to be there in two weeks, it’d be there in one week. So, I mean the company is amazing. What else can I say about them.

GEORGE WILLIS: Floyd, one thing about the fight, you mentioned just a while ago that you fight better backing up. Could you just talk about that, explain a little bit?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I said it because it sounds good. I fight better any way it goes. I got to go to him, he got to come to me, it don’t matter.

TRACE DIXON, BOXING NEWS: Good. Good. What’s this fight going to do for your legacy? What’s this fight with Ricky Hatton?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Going to do for my legacy? Nothing. It’s not going to do nothing for my legacy. My legacy is all ready solidified in stamps (ph). It’s not going to do nothing.

TRACE DIXON: OK. So, what has tempted you over time to fight Ricky?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I mean, you know, before I leave I just wanted to beat the best British fighter out there, well one of the best British fighters, because if I had to say – what’s the other kid name who fight .he’s the best British fighter, probably one of the best I ever seen. I mean I’m fighting because I’m a business man. I got no fake answer. If the price is right, let’s make it happen. If the price is right, we’re going to make it happen. I’m like Bob Barker, come on down.

RAUL SANDS NOTIFY.COM: Floyd, what you learn from Dancing with the Stars, you know, the dancing skills, do you think – are you going to apply any of those skills in the ring on December the first?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: No, at all. I mean I’ll leave dancing where I left that, on the dance floor, on the ballroom floor. Boxing is totally different. Boxing is what I’ve been doing my whole life and something I’m great at doing. And dancing, I’m OK at ballroom dancing. Now, if we’re talking about hip hop dance, I could hip hop dance all day. But, no, I ain’t going to use my dance moves. It’s totally different. Totally different feel.

CHUCK JOHNSON, USA TODAY: I just wanted to ask you, do you think how the fight is refereed can come into play on his this fight turns out? I mean a lot of people say that, you know, Ricky Hatton’s crowning moment was the Kostya Tszyu fight he had, and he was allowed to, you know, pretty much rough Kostya Tazyu up in that fight. So, do you think the referring could come into play?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I mean I didn’t really get a chance to watch him and Kostya Tszyu. I watched, I think, a few rounds because I all ready knew what it was, you know, what a Ricky Hatton fight it’s punch hold. And I mean from what I’ve seen it was extremely dirty and, you know, me, I truly believe in an eye for an eye. If you hit me low, I’m going to hit you low. And I’m just saying he’s s dirty fighter.

CHUCK JOHNSON: So, do you think the referring .

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I can’t say it’s an eye for eye because, you know, I wasn’t there, but it could have messed his money up.

CHUCK JOHNSON: So I mean do you think the referring can come into play? It was allowed to take place in the fight?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: It’s possible. But in Vegas – you know, in Vegas they don’t play that crap. They’re firm but they’re fair. And, I just want to go out there and fight a good fight man, and keep it clean. But if he gets dirty, I don’t mind getting dirty. It’s whatever he wants to do.

CHUCK JOHNSON: Floyd, you know, as somebody who hasn’t lost in boxing, you know, you’re not used to losing, how tough was it to take though, losing in Dancing with the Stars, being the third guy eliminated?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I mean a week before I went off the show I was truly upset because I felt – I know that I wasn’t being treated fair, I mean because I all ready knew I was pre judged. They were pre judging me by what they seen on 24/7, they had all ready pre judged. So, you know, I was truly, truly upset, I was mad, the week before. But then, I talked it over with a couple of my guys, they’re like, “Man, what are you tripping for? It’s not like it’s boxing. You ain’t getting paid millions of dollars for this.” You’re like man, you’re going out there to try to bring a different crowd to start – you’re trying to make no boxing fans become boxing fans. So, if that’s your goal, that’s what you’re using it for. But I told them, I wasn’t using it for that. I wanted – I really wanted to win. So they said, “Well, they could see that – see why I was upset.” Because, they were like, “You’re only using it for viewers.” I said, “No, I’m not. I’m wanting to win.” And so, you know, you live and you learn.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: When I went off, I wasn’t mad. But the week before, yes, I was mad as hell because I knew certain guys – I mean certain males and certain females weren’t dancing on the same level as me.

CHUCK JOHNSON: So which judge didn’t you like, in particular, on that show?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I didn’t like none of them, to be honest. They’d say, “You’ve got some nice gerry .” I said, “Well if I’ve got some nice gerry, judge me for my gerry.”

DAN RAFAEL, ESPN: Hey, Floyd, are you still watching the show? You know, they were on last night. Are you kicking back and watching the program and seeing how the rest of the competitors are doing?


DAN RAFAEL: Are you interested in who wins?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I didn’t watch it. No, I don’t watch the show at all. Who won last night?

DAN RAFAEL: Well they’ll eliminate them tonight. All right, so you’re not paying too close attention, then any more?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: No. Not at all. I ain’t watching the show. I was running, last night, actually.

DAN RAFAEL: During the show, you were running?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: No. I was asleep. After I came home – what did I do after I came home? I don’t even know what I did, actually. I came home and watched football. I had a big money on the football on the Colts. So I bet on the Colts last night. And then after the Colts, I fell asleep for like a couple of hours. And then, I got up and I went running. And I went to the fitness. I went to the 24 hour fitness.

DAN RAFAEL: Let me ask you another question about the fight itself. I’m having trouble finding anybody that gives Hatton a very serious chance to win the fight, which, you know, is a testament to, you know, your stature in boxing. So, I wonder, if so many people think it’s, you know, an easy win for Floyd Mayweather, as long as Floyd Mayweather comes in the type of condition that he usually comes to fight, why do you suppose the fight is such a hot fight in terms of selling out so quickly and being anticipated numbers on Pay-per-View and that sort of thing, when so many people think, it’s basically a mismatch?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: You got to talk to my manager about that. You talk to him about that, Leonard.

DAN RAFAEL: Leonard, do you have an opinion about that?

LEONARD ELLERBE: One, obviously, the fight is hot. I mean let’s face it. You know a lot has been.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: It’s hot because it’s – any fight that’s country versus country is a hot fight. It’s country versus country.

DAN RAFAEL: But mismatches don’t do millions on pay-per-view though.

LEONARD ELLERBE: Well, no, let’s face it. I mean, Ricky Hatton’s fans are really coming to see Floyd. I mean unlike a lot of boxing people, we just deal in the facts. You know, Ricky Hatton’s fans, truth be told are coming to see Floyd. Ricky Hatton has had three fights most recently in the U.S. and not one of the fights have sold out. OK. I think you even made a comment last week about, you know, he does have a tremendous following and a tremendous fan base in the U.K. But, the fact is that the fans – all of the Ricky Hatton’s fans are coming to see Floyd because, as an example, if he had such a great following in the U.S., his fans have had unlimited access to all of the tickets in his previous fights here in the U.S. And if, I’m not mistaken, he did like 4200 in Boston, and in .

DAN RAFAEL: Well it was more than that Leonard, but I understand your point.

LEONARD ELLERBE: Yes, so, and that’s what I’m saying. So, I know you had made the comment that you had kind of referred to Ricky Hatton as the reason why this fight was such a big fight. In boxing and pay-per-view fights, it always takes two fighters. But the reason why this fight is such a hot fight is because Floyd is the face of boxing and Floyd is the draw in this fight. End of discussion.

DAN RAFAEL: Even though many people believe it’s somewhat of a one sided type of fight?

LEONARD ELLERBE: Well, it’s because a lot of times what happens is, no, he’s a very good fighter and he’s undefeated. And it’s country versus country. And his fans, like I say, he has a tremendous following and which we welcome that. It’s great for the sport. It’s great to see 10, 20, 30,000 British fans coming over to support the fight. But they are actually coming to see Floyd, because, like I said, he – much has been made about his fans not having access to a number of tickets. And I think you had brought up that question. But the fact behind that is that there was such a demand in the U.S. that all we could do was allocate them 4000 tickets.

EDDIE GOLDMAN, SECOUND BOUT RADIO: Floyd, there was an interesting letter that was published in this week’s addition of Sports Illustrated from Ross Greenberg, the head of HBO Sports, where he criticized the lack of boxing coverage in that magazine, although they have coverage, obviously of so many other sports. Can you comment on what you feel has been the mainstream media coverage? Not so much as from the regular boxing media, but how the mainstream media has been covering you in this fight?

LEONARD ELLERBE: I think that a lot has had to do with Floyd crossing over, you know, in the main – with the mainstream fans with, obviously behind the great success with Floyd and Oscar fight breaking all records. And then, with Floyd going on the show, the mainstream press that was at each of the Dancing with the Stars was unbelievable standing there on that press row to see each person interview Floyd, and it was Inside Edition, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, TV Guide, and they were all just talking about positive things. And Floyd had the chance to talk about his fight.

You know, so by this being such a hot fight, I think this fight we have a great, great chance to do some really, really spectacular numbers and possibly break Floyd’s and Oscar’s record from the last fight. Because this is such a hot fight, as evidenced and sold out in the first 30 minutes, which has never been done before. I think, Floyd announced it, it took two hours to do it. And this is such a hot fight. And like I said, I think the fans are in for a great, great treat. Because, like I said, we know that he’s coming and he’s going to lay it on the line. And Floyd’s just going to go out there and be the same old Floyd and the results will be what they are.

EDDIE GOLDMAN: Floyd, is there anything you would like to see the boxing media, in particular, do that we haven’t been doing thus far.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Yes, you all need to be – not just with me, just with boxing period, you all need to be more positive, period. Everybody in the media needs to be more positive. And it is more like if you’re looking at any other sports. I mean and we – and it’s not just the writers. What they need to show more boxing more on a mainstream with, Fox TV, CBS, MTV. I mean the fights need to be promoted in a different way. They promote fights. With the Oscar de la Hoya fight, I can say we went outside of the box with the fight. And that’s what a lot of fights need, to go outside the box to promote. You go this television station. I mean, you must realize this, everybody can’t afford HBO. So just who – some of them who can’t afford HBO, if they is watching channel 13 or channel five, in the commercial they get a chance to flash on channel five.

And I just think that my goal is to bring non boxing fans into boxing to become boxing fans to make them just take a chance, let me watch this any way, because this kid is something different. This kid is controversial. Let me check him out. I’ve seen this kid on Dancing with the Stars, I’ll buy his fight. I mean he fight as good as he danced then I know he’s a hell of a fighter. Just stuff like that. You know, it’s about going outside the box. And, of course, Ross is my main man. And it is what it is, baby. December 8, live in Vegas, Pretty Boyd Floyd, Money Mayweather, flashy. What I’m going to do to that boy, I’m going to punish him. He’s going to get punished. So now, after talking to you all, I’m about to go box 12 today.

“UNDEFEATED”- World welterweight champion “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather will meet British icon and world junior welterweight champion Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton for the world welterweight championship Saturday, Dec. 8 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and Mayweather Promotions, and sponsored by Rock Star Energy Drink, Tecate Beer and Southwest Airlines, the fight will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View.

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