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“You’re Going To Wake Up In The Hospital.” Ryan Garcia Jabs At Tank Davis During LA Press Conference

Posted on 03/09/2023

By: Sean CroseThis is a huge event

“This is a huge event,” Ryan Garcia told the gathered media during a Los Angeles press conference on Thursday to promote his April 22nd match against Gervonta Davis, who was seated nearby, “it’s the biggest fight of the year.” Suffice to say, the young Californian oozed confidence “It’s such a big event but I know I’m coming out on top,” Garcia said. “It’s one thing to get to the moment, another thing to conquer the moment.” Unlike the first Davis-Garcia press conference, which went down Thursday in New York, Garcia was sharper in his speech this time, zeroing in on his fellow undefeated opponent.

“You like to fight guys who don’t hit hard, but I do hit hard,” Garcia said directly to Davis. “You’re going to wake up in the hospital.” Such talk may have been a bit surprising to those listening, but Garcia kept going. “I see a lot of things I can knock you out with,” he told Davis. “You couldn’t do a lot of things…you were losing to Barrios.” Davis at one point got up to get in Garcia’s grill. Garcia, however, remained unfazed. “I’m not even worried about it,” Garcia said before referring to a rehydration clause in the fight contract.

“So why’s you weight drain me?” he asked. “I’m going to beat him (Davis). I’m going to knock him out and that’s it.” Although he had risen to his feet and moved in on Garcia at one point, Davis seemed focus yet collected when he got on the mic himself. “He don’t have nothing else but a hook,” Davis said of Garcia. “That’s all he has is a hook. He’s not a complete fighter.” Having said that, Davis then decided it was his turn to address his opponent directly.

“I’m going to walk you to into the deep waters and I’m going to drown you! Oscar, Bernard and Jose Goosen are going to have to pick you up,” he said. “And that’s it from me.”

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