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Winning! Oscar De La Hoya Scores TKO in Sex Assault Case

Posted on 04/05/2012

By Johnny Walker

Boxing promoter and ex-middleweight world boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya scored big win today in a $5 million lawsuit brought against him by a “model” who claims that De La Hoya wronged her during a kinky evening of sex, drugs and Charlie Sheen.

Oscar scores a blow for justice

Angelica Marie Cecora, 25, had sued De La Hoya for emotional distress, false imprisonment, assault and battery, after what she claimed was a wild evening at the Ritz-Carlton on Central Park South in Manhattan last year in which the former boxing great drank heavily, snorted copious amount of cocaine, dressed in her underwear and demanded that extreme and unusual sex acts be performed on him by her and her roommate.

Cecora also claimed that De La Hoya was inspired by the former television personality Sheen, whose briefly popular maxim “Winning!” was the Golden Boy’s war cry for the evening of debauchery.

Cecora’s lawsuit claimed that the women finally locked the insatiable former champ out of his own bedroom, leaving him to sleep on the couch. In retaliation, perhaps, De La Hoya, Cecora claimed, took off early the next day and stuck her and her foxy Russian roomie with a $1500 bill, which they also skipped out on.

But today, De La Hoya may have had the last laugh when Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Paul Wooten found Angelica Cecora’s tale of the evening in question’s activities “frivolous” – not only throwing out her lawsuit, but also ordering her to pay a $500 fine as well as De La Hoya’s legal fees.

De La Hoya did not contest Cecora’s account of the evening’s freaky festivities, but contended that everything that took place that night was consensual.

The judge agreed with De La Hoya, and characterized the plaintiff as a person not acting as a “model,” but as a prostitute, on the night in question–as was contended by the boxer’s attorney.

“Frivolous and baseless [allegations] will not be tolerated by this court,” Wooten said.

Unsurprisingly, Cecora intends to appeal.

“We believe Miss Cecora’s claims, we believe she is telling the truth,” said Cecora’s attorney, Tony Evans.

“She is entitled to her day in court in front of a jury and we are going to work to see that she gets it.”

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