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Winky Wright Calls Out Oscar De La Hoya

Posted on 06/11/2008


Middleweight Champion, Ronald “Winky” Wright Calls Out De La Hoya for Historic Bout

(St. Petersburg, FL – June 11, 2008) History is in the making as the boxing scene is buzzing about the recent retirement of Floyd Mayweather and its effect on the Oscar De La Hoya. As De La Hoya eagerly searches for a worthy opponent, he will find one in former Middleweight champion, Ronald “Winky” Wright, of whom he’s been avoiding for years. Upon hearing the news, Wright exclaims, “It’s destiny… Floyd retired, nobody cares to fight Oscar, but here I am. He can’t run from me any more.”

De La Hoya has yet to concede to Wright’s call; however, Wright plans to aggressively pursue De La Hoya. “I’m not giving up…” Wright says, “If he thinks I’m going to fall back and let it go – he’s wrong. He must have forgotten who I am. I’m the guy who’s fought around the world to prove I’m the best pound for pound fighter. And after I pound Oscar, the world will see what I’ve been telling them my whole career: that I am the greatest.”

While Wright’s comments may raise eyebrows due to his hiatus from the ring due to his recovery period and alleged outstanding financial requests, he assures that this fight can be a reality. He states, “See, you can’t get caught up in the hype. I can and will do everything in my power to make this fight happen. I’ve been dying to get at Oscar for years, but he’s just been too scared. He, along with the rest of the world, may think the fight won’t happen because I’ve been out of the ring or want too much money, but that’s not true.”

Wright continues to clear up the confusion and speculation, adding why Oscar needs to step up to the plate. “What the media won’t tell you is that I’ve always had to get the short end of the stick in order to make fights happen.” He says. “I took a pay cut, so these fights could happen. So now that I’m asking for what I’m worth I supposedly want ‘too much money’? Everyone knows a Wright – De La Hoya fight is a big ticket, so give me my justice. I’ve worked for it and I deserve it. He knows what this fight can do for him too. He knows he can really get paid, so why keep running? It’s about time that the best get back to fighting the best in boxing. No more warm up fights. Just get in the ring with me and go for twelve rounds. Just do it.”

No official discussions have been made, but Wright’s camp is ready, willing and able. Damian Ramirez, Wright’s advisor agrees with Wright. He says, “It’s about time. This needs to happen. Not just for Winky, but for boxing. Everyone’s hungry for a fight like this.”

About Ronald “Winky” Wright

Ronald Winky Wright is one of boxing’s most prolific southpaws of the 21st century. The Washington, DC native started his career at the age of 18-years old, fighting against international contenders in, France, South Africa, Germany and England. His claim to fame and US recognition came upon his two victories against “Sugar” Shane Mosely and his classic bout against Felix “Tito” Trinidad, which forced Trinidad into retirement. Wright cemented his status as one of the best pound for pound fighters nationally and internationally with these victories.

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