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Why Taylor-Serrano Is A Big Deal

Posted on 04/27/2022

By: Sean Crose

In an age where everything is a BIG DEAL and/or EPICALLY HISTORTIC, it’s sometimes hard to recognize when a legitimate event of note actually occurs. Such should not be the case when it comes to Saturday’s Katy Taylor-Amanda Serrano undisputed lightweight championship battle at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Yes, it’s the first boxing headliner at the famed New York arena to feature two women boxers…but that’s not what will place this weekend’s bout in the annals of boxing history. What makes Saturday’s main event important is that the two fighters competing are female boxing legends. Any two fighters, be they men or women, can headline a card. A card headlined by legitimate ring masters is another story entirely.

Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom.

And, make no mistake about it, the 35 year old Taylor and the 33 year old Serrano, are masters of the fight game. The 20-0 Taylor is not only an Olympic Gold Medalist, she’s won world titles in two weight divisions. As for the 42-1-1 Serrano, she’s held world titles in 7, that’s 7, weight divisions. That kind of resume needs no explanation. What makes this match even more enticing is the fact it’s hard to say who will actually win. Taylor may be favored walking in, but there’s no guarantee the Irish star will walk out of the ring with her belts is tow.

While it’s true neither Taylor nor Serrano may be the “greatest” single woman boxer in history, or even at the moment (I personally think that honor goes to Claressa Shields), the two combatants are still great athletes, ranking among the absolute best of this generation…at the very least (and there’s no doubt that this is a stellar generation of women boxers.) Taylor and Serrano have, quite simply, earned the attention they’re receiving at the moment. In other words, it’s well deserved.

And so, when the opening bell rings in front of a packed New York City crowd on Saturday evening, those watching on DAZN or in the Garden itself can rest assured they’re actually viewing a piece of boxing history. That’s no small thing – something Taylor and Serrano appear to be well aware of themselves. Watching them train, one understands just how much discipline is actually required to operate at the upper echelon of this sport. Expect each woman to be at her best come fight night. Yet another reason to tune in.

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