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WBO President, Bob Arum, Pass The Buck on Boxing Corruption

Posted on 06/22/2012

By Johnny Walker

WBO President Francisco Valcarcel and Top Rank boxing promoter Bob Arum engaged in a round of “pass the buck” last night while being interviewed regarding the controversial Pacquiao – Bradley fight result on Fox News.

Valcarcel confimed that his organization rejects the judges’ decision that gave Bradley a split decision win over the Pacman.

“I respect the scoring of the officials,” told Fox News.

“But the WBO is sure that Pacquiao won the fight. The only solution for this is to order a rematch.

“Because Top Rank has both fighters, we will allow [Arum] to work with [them] on a rematch.”

Arum was then interviewed and rejected the notion that all of the controversy over the Bradley – Pacquiao fight was creating greater interest in a rematch.

Bob Arum

Bob Arum

“When there is judging and a result that defies all logic and is not what people saw watching the event … then it can’t help the [fight] game,” Arum argued.

“It’s not the kind of controversy that instills any type of confidence.”

While Valcarcel left the remedy for the supposed outrageous decision up to Arum, Arum himself was keen to leave it up to various state and federal politicians.

Arum said an investigation being conducted by the Nevada Attorney General “will help to instill more confidence” in the fight business.

“She’ll ask questions … and make a report hopefully that will put matters to rest,” the Top Rank main man said.

Furthermore, Arum said, in order to “prevent a terrible miscarriage of justice from happening in the future,” he supports the efforts of Senators Harry Reid and John McCain to create a Federal Boxing Commission.

“Yes, I would be in favor of a Federal Boxing Commission,” Arum said, before quickly adding a caveat with a bit of Republican spin.

“My word of advice to Senator McCain is, ‘don’t over-regulate.’ You’re not Barney Frank, you’re John McCain.”

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