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Tomasz Adamek: “Vitali’s Rocket Punch Hit Me Like 1000 Volts!”

Posted on 09/14/2011

By Johnny Walker

Game Polish challenger Tomasz Adamek gave it his all in his native Poland last Saturday against WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, but the former light-heavyweight and cruiserweight world champion fell well short of his goal of becoming a three weight division champion. And he now says the fight was basically over very early in the contest.

Speaking to Fightnews, Adamek said that when the 40-year-old Klitschko connected with a “rocket punch” in the second round–a hard straight right hand that send him tumbling into the ropes–he knew that his night was not going to go as planned. The old boxing saying, “everyone has a plan until he gets hit in the face,” applies very much to this situation.

“Without a doubt. I got hit with a right around my ear, it was feeling like somebody connected me to 1000 volts,” says Adamek.

“Vitali disconnected me from all my strength. A couple of minutes later me and my trainer Roger Bloodworth both knew that I was a different fighter, not fighting my usual style. Just one huge punch turned all the plans and tactics upside down.”

Adamek also gives praise to Klitschko, who never let him into the fight for even a moment.

“He controlled the fight, didn’t give me any chances to turn this into my fight, not his. It was nothing in particular, just the whole Vitali package,” he tells Fightnews.

After the fight, Klitschko praised Adamek’s heart and iron chin, and said he was surprised the fighter took some brutal shots and still kept coming forward. Vitali also advised Adamek to move back down to the cruiserweight division, but don’t hold your breath waiting for that development.

“It will not happen,” says Adamek of the move back down.

“I will not starve myself and lose 20 pounds. I’m a different fighter now. Just one of the reasons why. And one more reason – what else I would have to prove there?

“My championship fights are not over. I have a couple of great ones in front of me. I can promise all my fans that I will never forget the moment when the referee send me to my corner.”

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