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Tim Bradley: On Davis-Garcia: “I Hope Garcia Knocks Him The Hell Out…But I Highly Doubt It”

Posted on 03/21/2023

By: Sean Crose

Sean Zittel of FightHype recently had an in-depth interview with Tim Bradley which is now online. In the interview, world titlist turned effective fight broadcaster Bradley discussed the upcoming Gervonta Davis – Ryan Garcia bout in detail. The bottom line? Bradley thinks Davis will end up winning, though he’s not exactly happy about it. “I just feel it’s hard to not bet on Tank,” he said. “He can just do so much more than a Ryan Garcia at this point…he can hunt you down, too.” It’s not that Bradley thinks Garcia has no chance, he just feels the popular Californian doesn’t have enough to bring to the table at this point in his career.

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“Controlling his emotions is key,” Bradley said of Garcia. “He’s not going to win the dogfight, and he’s not going to win the boxing match either.” Still, Bradley thinks Davis has weaknesses of his own. “We know,” he says, “that Tank is not a guy that has the best defense in the world. He can get hit.” What’s more, Bradley believes Davis might be the one having to really work in the ring when he fights Garcia. “Tank’s going to be the one whose going to have to move his feet around,” he said. “He (Garcia) has a chance of winning this fight on points.” Ultimately, however, Bradley doesn’t see things working out that way.

“There’s not just one side to Tank,” he said. “He can do multiple things. I would favor him in a fight.” Not that Bradley is happy about it. “I hope Garcia knocks him the hell out,” he adds, “but I highly doubt it.” Still, Bradley went on to indicate that “anything is possible.” Possible, but unlikely. “He isn’t a complete fighter,” Bradley said of Garcia. “He’s gifted, but he’s still wet behind the ears.” Bradley made it clear he’s impressed with Garcia, just not enough to think Garcia will win against Davis.

“I respect him for taking the challenge, but he’s not at his absolute prime yet,” Bradley said. “Tank has that ring knowledge. You gain it over time. A guy like Garcia doesn’t have that yet.” In other words, Garcia is a work in progress while Davis is the whole package. “He can’t fight on the inside,” Bradley says of Garcia. “He’s still got a lot to learn. There’s a lot to take in.”

“I’m going to say Tank by knockout late,” Bradley said with finality.

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