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The Son of Legendary Boxer Joe Frazier Makes Reality TV Debut

Posted on 01/07/2013

By Chris Cella

Last Saturday afternoon, Derek Frazier—son of legendary boxer Joe Frazier—made his reality TV debut as he appeared on MTV’s Made.

An avid entertainer, Frazier is anxious to get his name and face out there to the world, while at the same time sharing his story and personal achievements through overcoming his own adversities. Frazier has battled obesity, and is anxious to not only honor his late father’s name through the reality show, but also spread awareness of the growing epidemic.

Derek Frazier recently discussed his motivation for doing Made with Boxing Insider.

“After my father died, I was going through a bit of a funk,” he says. “I felt like I was going to be big and fat, and that nobody was going to recognize me. I feel that in addition to honoring my father, this is helping me lose weight.

“The episode of Made will show the world who Derek Frazier is. I know the world lost a champion, but this is a way to let people know that I can go out and represent the Frazier name at boxing events and such, and keep it alive.”

Frazier has always been interested in the entertainment field, and upon hearing of the opportunity to be on Made, he quickly pursued it to give him the best chance of being selected for the show.

“I was so miserable after my dad died,” said Frazier. “My friends told me I needed to get out of bed, and that it was a new year in 2012; they stood with me in line and helped me fill out the application, and the next thing you know, I got the role to do it.”

Frazier is adamant about lending his services to help kids battle obesity; well before he even thought of being on Made, he began working at camps, Big Brother programs and more to be involved in the lives of adolescents and make a difference any opportunity that presented itself.

“I mainly did the weight loss for myself, but also for my father,” said Frazier. “I am not quite aware where it may lead to, but I always will keep my options open. “

Frazier grows wistful when asked to share his fondest memories of life with the former world champion.

“Knowing the fact that he shared every moment of his life with me, He made sure that I understood how life is, and how to be a young man; how to be polite and respectful,” says Frazier.

“He always had stories; he always made sure I knew exactly how to present myself in public, and how to talk to people.

“Just to be around him was always special. We used to go around town; he would take me to all of his favorite spots. It was just nice to roll in the car with my dad around Philadelphia and be that little kid.”

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