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Shawn Porter Thinks Tyron Woodley Has What It Takes To Best Jake Paul

By: Sean Crose

“Unlike a lot of the guys in the UFC and the MMA game,” Shawn Porter recently told DAZN, “(Tyron) Woodley really, really has worked on his hands for a number of years,”  Porter was referring to the much hyped upcoming boxing match between UFC notable Woodley and Jake Paul, the social media influencer turned boxing cash cow. One thing fans and analysts have noticed about Paul is that he not only takes boxing seriously, but seems to actually have some skill. Still, Porter feels it just won’t be enough when it comes to the combat sport vet Woodley.

“I’ve walked into plenty of boxing gyms,” said Porter, “and just saw him in there training. So I mean, it’s no secret if you watch him in the UFC, you’ve seen that he’s pretty decent with his hands.” Porter, one of the most well known and well liked boxers in the world, is apt to know that which of he speaks when it comes to the sweet science. “I think that when I look at the size differential between these two guys,” he admitted, “I think kinda like Floyd and his scrap with Logan Paul, I think that the size differential will hold back Tyron from doing a lot of things that he’s equipped to do.”

Although he also said good things about Paul, Porter ultimately thinks Woodley has enough of what it takes to emerge victorious when the two men meet on August 22nd. “I find it hard to see Jake Paul beating a true fighter,” Porter said, “and I know Tyron, I think he was stopped in one of his last fights. And I know it’s been a little bit of time since he fought too, but I just can’t see that one, man. I can’t see Jake Paul getting the upper hand over Tyron Woodley.”

Woodley has reportedly been working with none other than Floyd Mayweather for the Paul fight. What’s more, Woodley has expressed interest in focusing on a boxing career after he’s finished fighting Paul. In other words, Woodley sees this as more than a simple novelty bout. “This is an opportunity for me to sprint into the boxing lane,” he’s said. “But also, I’m preparing accordingly. I’m preparing if I was fighting Canelo. I’m training like that right now.” In a sport that can sometimes seem like a circus, it’s good to have a fighter of note engage it with due seriousness.

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