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Ryan Garcia On Tank Davis: “I Had To Chase Him Down But We Finally Made It Happen”

Posted on 11/21/2022

By: Sean Crose

Speaking to ESPN’s Stephen A Smith, lightweight powerhouse Ryan Garcia indicated in no uncertain terms that he felt he was the one who pushed for the upcoming superfight between himself and Gervonta Davis to became a reality. “I had to chase him down but we finally made it happen,” Garcia said. “He was running from me. He was, but like I said, I made it happen.” When pressed by Smith as to exactly how Davis avoided him, Garcia offered a rather strange response. “I’ve been asking for this fight since I was 17, 18 years old,” he said. “I guess he always wanted to take an easier route.” Still, Garcia added that “all that doesn’t matter now.”

So what did Garcia believe led Davis to take the match now? “He realized that he really wanted this fight as well,” Garcia stated. “He finally said you’re next (after fighting Rollie Romero).” Garcia made it clear that at this point he’s happy the knotty negotiations, which threatened to derail the bout, ended successfully. “It was a hard process,” he admitted, “but we figured it out and great things are going to happen now.” Indeed, the announcement for the bout last week from both fighters via social media caught the fight world by surprise.

Although it hasn’t been signed yet, all parties are openly on board in stating the fight will indeed go down. The reason why the bout – now presumably all but made – is such a big deal is because the two undefeated fighters involved are so good – as well as so popular. Both have the power to take out a wall, as well as considerable boxing skills to boot. “I see probably one of the greatest fights you’ll see,” Garcia said when Smith asked for his take on the upcoming battle, “because if he doesn’t get knocked out early this is going to be a war of speed, (and of) power at all times. Somebody can be dropped. Somebody can be knocked down.”

When asked about Davis’ destructive left hand, Garcia didn’t show concern. “He won’t hit me with that left,” he said. “I’ll be ready for everything.” Smith then asked the big question – how did Garcia see the fight going? “I’m predicting a KO,” the Californian said. “I will knock out Gervonta Davis.” Of course, Davis himself may well have something to say about that. He’s been known to turn out the lights pretty effectively himself, after all.

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