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Ryan Garcia No Longer Interested In Fighting Devin Haney. “My Intent Now Is To Fight Rolando Romero.”

Posted on 01/06/2024

By: Sean Crose

“I’ve notified my team I’m going a different route,” Ryan Garcia posted on Twitter Saturday. “My intent now is to fight Rolando Romero. I pray my team backs me on this decision. Oscar make this fight happen. THATS THE MOVE. BIGGER FIGHT, BIGGER BUSINESS.” This social media post was a bit of a surprise, as Garcia had recently indicated he WOULDN’T face Romero, opting to take on junior welterweight champion, and pound for pound ranked fighter, Devin Haney instead.

“After what happens to Rollies, the dev (Devin Haney) fight will be there and even bigger,” added Garcia. “Everyone critiquing now. Will end up seeing it was a better move. Plus he can go fight Richardson Hitchens. Go do your 30k PPV buys. I don’t need you dev you need me.” Needless to say, Haney was not impressed. “Don’t ever mention my name pussy boi..,” he replied on Twitter. “You’ll be back,” Garcia retorted rather smugly.

The fact is that Garcia may be a top drawing fighter whose popularity trumps his skill set. That’s why it might be easy for Garcia to forgo a top titlist like Haney in order to face Romero, who is arguably an easier fight, THEN fight Haney if and when he feels like it. With that being said, Garcia will have to either challenge himself regularly or set himself up against serious competition if he wants to retain his fan base and earning potential.

Romero is no walk through the park, however. Hard hitting and exciting, the man arguably performed better against Gervonta Davis than Garcia did when he faced the fighter named “Tank” in a superfight last spring. Still, it’s likely that, if the fight is made, Garcia will be the favorite walking in against WBA junior welterweight titlist Romero. Whatever criticism might go Garcia’s way, though, he’s certainly not taking on a soft touch if he and Romero agree to square off in the ring next.

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