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Ryan Garcia Attempts to Goad Gervonta Davis Online

By: Sean Crose

After a brilliant performance this past weekend against Javier Fortuna, rising star Ryan Garcia has taken to taunting fellow undefeated slugger Gervonta Davis online. “Okay now Cmon Gervonta,” Garcia tweeted on Monday, “come get this ass whooping real quick… It will only hurt a little, you won’t see it and we can hit the club after. Just accept the fight and your fate.” After knocking Fortuna out Saturday night in Los Angeles, Garcia let it be known loudly and clearly that he wants Davis next. While many feel Garcia would lose to the Baltimore native, a potential fight between he and Davis is certainly appealing to fans, as it would essentially ring in the next generation of the sport’s elites.

With that in mind, it appeared on Monday that Garcia is willing to do what he has to in order to make a match with Davis happen – up to and including boasting like a WWE attraction. “I won’t just beat tank,” the Californian also tweeted. “I will make it look like there was no reason for him to be in the ring with me. Easy Easy Lemon Squeezy.” The 27 year old Davis hasn’t snapped back at Garcia with a witty Twitter retort, as is common in these situations, perhaps because he doesn’t want to give the 23 year old Garcia any kind of mental edge.

Aside from being a battle of undefeateds, one of the reasons a Davis-Garcia matchup is enticing to fans is the fact that both fighters are exciting to watch. Davis may be – or have been – a prodigy of Floyd Mayweather’s, but unlike Mayweather, Davis likes to include explosive offense in with his defense. He’s not a purely technical fighter at all. Indeed, Davis has knocked out the vast majority of his ring opponents. The same, of course, can be said of the power punching Garcia, who largely decimated Fortuna this past weekend with the speed and power of his punches. Poor Fortuna simply couldn’t weather the storm and was finished before the fight entered it’s scheduled second half.

The problems involved in making a Davis-Garcia fight however, are numerous and significant. Both fighters are represented by different promotional/managerial/advisory outlets. What’s more, Garcia fights on DAZN while Davis is a Showtime man. Although such obstacles have been mounted before, it takes a lot of work. Tweeting doesn’t count for much, after all, if it doesn’t ultimately lead to signatures being placed on a contract.

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