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Q&A King Arthur Abraham

Posted on 06/06/2008

King Arthur Abraham claims he is ready to conquer America after his demanding training camp on a small island in the Baltic Sea has come to an end. The unbeaten IBF middleweight champion will return to Berlin this weekend to continue his preparations for the highly-anticipated rematch with Edison Miranda. He will then fly over to the US on Tuesday. Here are his latest thoughts on the June 21 showdown.

Q: King Arthur, with two weeks between now and the fight, how is your shape?

AA: “I am already in a very, very good shape. Everything has gone
perfectly in the last couple of weeks.”

Q: Has the preparation for the Miranda fight been different from the
other fights?

AA: “It is an advantage for me that I already know Miranda. I know how I
will fight against him and that is why I know how to prepare. It gives
me even more security.”

Q: The weight limit will be 166 pounds which means you do not have to
watch your weight that carefully this time out. Is that good for you?

AA: “Definitely. I feel even stronger. Making weight can be a real
torture but I do not have to do it this time.”

Q: In the past your coach Ulli Wegner has pointed out that you always
need some time to get into the fight. What will it be like on June 21?

AA: “I know that I have to be more active from the first bell on. It is
also important to stay concentrated. Miranda is a guy who makes you pay
for mistakes. But I will not give him a chance to do so. I will win.”

Q: You will be travelling over on June 10. Is it your first visit to the US?

AA: “No, I have been there once when Valuev fought Monte Barrett. I
worked as a TV expert for German television. But that was in Chicago and
this time we will be in Miami. You cannot really compare the two cities.
It does not matter to me, though, as my full concentration is on the fight.”

Q: Why are you heading over so early?

AA: “There are several reasons. I want to get used to the time
difference and avoid a jetlag. And I want to adjust to the climate.”

Q: You will be quite busy with all the practice sessions but is there
something you would like to do in your spare time?

AA: “Of course I will take a few walks in Miami. But the sightseeing has
to wait until after the fight.”

Q: The fight against Miranda is certainly a special one. What makes it
so special for you?

AA: “In the first meeting the broken jaw kept me from showing my true
potential. I will make up for that on June 21.”

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