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Paris Fury On Husband Tyson’s Career: “He’ll Probably Do It For A Few More Years.”

Posted on 10/26/2021

By: Sean Crose

“I think he’ll probably do it for a few more years,” Paris Fury has said of her husband, WBC and lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. “He’s 33 now – I think maybe until he’s 35.” Mrs. Fury appeared on talkSport Monday, and proved that, like her husband, she’s unafraid to speak her mind. “I know Wladimir (Klitschko) and other men have gone on to being like 40,” she added, “but do you keep going until you lose?” With husband Tyson having recently bested Deontay Wilder for the second time, people are asking what’s next for the towering fighter. Mrs. Fury, for one, doesn’t see her husband’s future career path being a particularly long one.

“I just think maybe another two or three years and then Tyson should definitely hang up his gloves,” she said. Mrs. Fury recently gave birth to her sixth child with the heavyweight champion. Through the man’s career ups and downs, she’s remained by his side in a marriage that’s lasted for a dozen years. Mrs. Fury even went so far as to keep news of a miscarriage from Fury before a 2018 comeback fight. A well known battle with mental illness, booze, food, and drugs had nearly brought her husband to ruin, and Mrs. Fury didn’t want to rattle Tyson on the day of his ring return.

“I was about eight weeks pregnant,” she said on Tuesday’s This Morning. “Then on the day of the fight I knew I’d lost our baby.” She waited until the fight was over to break the news to the undefeated heavyweight. “I didn’t mention it to Tyson before he went in the ring,” she added. “Then straight after I told him and the next day we went to the hospital and it was confirmed.” Fortunately, the couple was able to bounce back from the tragedy. “Five weeks later we fell pregnant again,” Mrs. Fury told This Morning.

With darker days apparently behind them, the Fury’s enjoy spending time with their kids. “We’re really normal people,” Mrs. Fury told talkSport, “which probably doesn’t sound normal to say…we tend to stay at home a lot, we watch a lot of TV…Netflix, Sky – we’re on them all the time, watching the movie channels.” There is, however, one troubling caveat to being the wife of a world famous athlete.

“We can’t go out in public a lot,” Mrs. Fury says. “It’s getting hard. Tyson’s so out there now and people respect him so much and want to be around him. It’s literally a nightmare to go anywhere.”

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