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Pacquiao Teams With Paradigm

Posted on 10/12/2020

By: Sean Crose

The amazing Manny Pacquiao (you don’t have to be a fan to admit the man’s achievements are incredible) has entered a new stage of his career. For the fighter, who is now over forty years of age, has partnered up with Paradigm Sports. Pacquiao had claimed he teamed with Paradigm a while back, but now it appears that there is an actual working relationship. “Verified,” the Filipino senator wrote on Instagram. “Excited to have officially partnered with @paradigmsports. Grateful for the support of my family, team, and fans as I continue my professional boxing journey. Big things coming! Stay tuned!”

The fact that UFC star Conor McGregor is also partnered with Paradigm has led people to speculate that a high profile novelty bout between McGregor and Pacquiao is getting closer. Both McGregor and Pacquiao have spoken of a fight, but veteran fight fans know enough not to believe everything they hear and read. There’s word that McGregor has been working towards fighting in the octagon. What’s more, there’s a line of boxers who would jump at the chance to face WBA welterweight titlist Pacquiao. Indeed, many serious fight fans would be more than happy to never see a McGregor-Pacquiao match come to fruition.

Be that as it may, Pacquiao continues to impress with his longevity in the fight game. Having won close to ten world titles, the 62-7-2 fighter surprised a lot of people last year when he bested the undefeated, talented and much younger Keith Thurman in a battle for Thurman’s WBA belt. Although he’s arguably not the fighter he was (the man’s over forty, after all), Pacquiao showed against Thurman that he could still be a live dog against anyone at welterweight, which has essentially been Pacquiao’s home division for over a decade now.

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