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Oscar De La Hoya On Davis-Garcia: “Whoever Lands The First Punch Is Going To Win The Fight”

Posted on 03/09/2023

By: Sean Crose

“I believe it can do 2 million homes,” Oscar De La Hoya said of the pay per view potential of the upcoming Gervonta Davis-Ryan Garcia fight. “I believe it can break 2.4 million homes.” Indeed, there have been comparisons of the April 22nd throwdown to the 2007 superfight between De La Hoya and a then rising Floyd Mayweather. “I believe Tank,” said De La Hoya, “is bigger than Mayweather when he fought me…these kids are the very best and the fact that they’re fighting each other, it creates the perfect storm.”

Yet De La Hoya also indicated (in video recorded and published by Fight Hub) that the fight is bigger than just a scheduled twelve round affair. He believes that Davis-Garcia can lead the way to other top matchups. “We’ve put this together,” he said of the April 22nd event, “we can make others.” What makes Davis-Garcia unique in contemporary boxing is that it shows two opposing promotional/managerial/advisory organizations can get together to make a high profile match happen. “Making this fight was not easy,” said De La Hoya, “but we made it happen.”

As for how he expects Davis-Garcia to end, De La Hoya was extremely clear. “It’s going to end in a knockout,” he said. “I have no clue whose going to win by knockout, but it’s going to end by knockout. I think the power is too much up in that ring. There’s two guys who just are very powerful and they’re explosive. Whoever lands the first punch is going to win the fight.”

Both the Davis and the Ryan camps are currently on a two city press tour – New York, and Los Angeles. The New York press conference went down on Tuesday, while the second press conference will go down Thursday afternoon on the west coast.

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