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Oscar De La Hoya Accused In Lawsuit Of Sexual Assault On Two Occasions

Posted on 04/20/2022

By: Sean Crose

Oscar De La Hoya, the legendary fighter turned high level promoter, has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman on two separate occasions. The Los Angeles Times writes that the alleged victim is a “tequila company executive.” The civil lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday. According to the suit, one assault went down in Mexico in March of 2020 when De Lay Hoya knocked at the door of the alleged victim’s hotel room “with his pants dropped down to his ankles.” De La Hoya reportedly “then pushed his way into the room, and got into her bed.”

(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO)

The lawsuit goes on to state the alleged victim, who was visiting the distillery of Casa Mexico Tequila “pushed him from the bed and walked him to his room, opened his door, and immediately returned to her own room.” According to the lawsuit, the woman woke up De La Hoya, who partially owns Casa Mexico Tequila, the next morning in his room. It was then that De La Hoya reportedly  forced the victim “into his bed, where he sexually assaulted her.”

De La Hoya is accused of assaulting the alleged victim a second time in Los Angeles after a dinner for Casa Mexico Tequila execs. According to suit, “at some point, when De La Hoya was alone with [the woman], he revealed and retrieved a sexual object from a stored collection in his house. Without [her] consent, De La Hoya forcibly inserted the sexual object into [her] body.” The lawsuit goes on to claim the alleged victim went to the founder of Casa Mexico Tequila, Don Buccio, and informed him of the second sexual assault afterward, though nothing came of it.

Per the suit, the alleged victim, “recognizing her relatively new status with the company, De La Hoya’s status both within the company and internationally, and the vast disparity in power and influence between herself and De La Hoya, reasonably feared retribution from the company.  At minimum, [she] recognized that this incident presented a conflict within the company’s members and board, placed her in a negative light, and consequently caused continuing harm to her personal and professional reputation.”

De La Hoya has been accused of sexual assault once before, back in the late 90s. The matter was settled out of court. According to the Los Angeles Times, “the allegations against De La Hoya are one of 10 causes of action presented in the civil suit against Casa Mexico.”

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