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Now Mayor Of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko Weighs In On Ukraine Crisis

By: Sean Crose

“It’s a total different story,” former WBC heavyweight champion turned mayor of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, told Fox News on Saturday. “It’s not sport – its hard reality.” Klitschko, of course, was referring to the current crisis between his homeland and the country of Russia, which some fear will attack the Ukraine under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin. “We’re not aggressive to anyone,” Klitschko told host Brian Kilmeade in his broken English, “but if somebody makes aggression against Ukraine, we have to defend our independence.” Fans remember Klitschko as a dominant titlist who, along with his brother Wladimir, dominated the heavyweight division for years.

Since retiring both his title as well as his ring career in 2013, Klitschko has focused on Ukranian politics. He was elected mayor of Kyiv in 2014. With the threat of a Russian invasion permeating Ukranian life, Klitschko made it clear that. at fifty years of age, he isn’t eager to go back to the days of the Soviet Union, the Russian based empire that controlled much of eastern Europe – the Ukraine included. “The reason of this conflict (is) because Vladimir Putin wants to rebuild Soviet Empire,” the fighter turned politician told Kilmeade. “We were in Soviet Union. We don’t want (to go) back to USSR.”

Speaking of his fellow Ukrainians, Klitschko claimed that: “We see our future as modern, European, Democratic country.” As for the involvement of other countries in his nation’s crisis, Klitschko was openly grateful for American support. “Thank you very much for United States,” he said. On the other hand, Klitschko claimed support from Germany “is joke.” The man once known as “Doctor Ironfist” added that he was “not involved in the conversation between the United States’ President and the President of the Ukraine” that reportedly took place several days ago.

Although Klitschko hasn’t fought in years, the man who retired from the sport of boxing with a very impressive record of 45-2 (with a whopping 41 of those wins coming by knockout) claimed he’s willing to fight under far more dangerous circumstances should Russia decide to attack his homeland. “As former solider,” he said, “I promise to defend my country and I have to keep my promise. I have to defend my city and defend my future, defend my family.” A war would most certainly be the most notable of all Klitschko’s fights. Here’s hoping neither he nor anyone else has to engage in one.

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