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Monte Barrett 218.5, Shane Cameron 214.3: F-Bombs Fly at Tense Weigh-In

Posted on 07/04/2012

By Johnny Walker

Things got tense yesterday in Auckland, New Zealand, as WBO Asia Pacific and Oriental heavyweight champion Monte “Two Gunz” Barrett and Shane “Mountain Warrior” Cameron stepped on the scales ahead of tonight’s fight at the Sky City Convention Centre.

Barrett and Cameron both looked to be in tremendous shape, weighing in at 218.5 and 214.3 pounds respectively.

After weeks of trash talk from Barrett in the lead-up, things got heated at the weigh-in when the two fighters engaged in the obligatory stare-down, and Barrett again let loose with a stream of insults.

Cameron, who has remained mostly calm in the face of Barrett’s constant trash talking, finally appeared to have had enough.

“It all comes down to who wants it on the night. I’m going to shut this big-mouthed piece of shit up, right here,” Cameron said while nodding toward Barrett.

Not to be outdone, Barrett then grabbed the mic and said, “F*ck Shane and Ken [Reinsfeld, Cameron’s manager], I don’t give a f*ck about either one of them. They’re about to feel it tomorrow. It’s not a game, it’s not a f*cking game,” snarled Barrett.

“I’m here to tear his head off.”

When asked what Barrett said to him during the stare-down, Cameron got in another dig: “I couldn’t really listen because his breath was so bad,” said the Mountain Warrior.

“Yeah my breath is bad this morning, but I told him you’re going down, this ain’t no f*cking Rocky movie, this is reality brother, you’re about to get it,” an uptight Barrett seethed.

“Was my breath stinking?” Barrett then asked the bemused room of journalists.

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