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Mikey Garcia On Spence-Ugas: “I Can’t Even Tell You Whose Going To Win”

Posted on 01/05/2022

By: Sean Crose

“Put a lot of smiles on kid’s faces,” Mikey Garcia tells ESnews about a recent charity event for children in need that he took part in. It’s been a few months since the Californian dropped a decision to Sandor Martin, but the multi-division titlist appears in the interview to be as relaxed, polite, and pleasant as he always has. This is not a guy who is going to let a defeat or two get to him – a good thing in an age where undefeated records are frankly held at too much of a premium. Among other things in the interview, Garcia is asked for his thoughts on what looks to be the upcoming Errol Spence-Yordenis Ugas welterweight title matchup.

“That’s a tough one for Spence,” he says. “Coming off eye surgery, and all that, we don’t know how to react or his body will react. It can be dangerous for him, I don’t know.” Spence was supposed to be facing Manny Pacquiao last fall when an injury to his eye took him out of the bout, allowing Ugas the opportunity to step in and remove the Filipino legend from his WBA title. “If he gets hit,” Garcia says of Spence, “it could be a damaging blow, I don’t know. It can cause serious injuries. So, that’s a tough fight, for a return fight after surgery like that. Big props for him for taking fights like that.”

Still, Garcia gives Spence, who bested him in 2019, after Garcia made a gutsy move up to welterweight, the credit he’s due. “Stylistically,” he says, “I think Spence is a better fighter….he’s world champ for a reason.” Garcia is aware of Ugas’ ability, as well. “He’s big and strong, too,” he says of Ugas. “It’s not an easy fight.” Ultimately, Garcia states his opinion on a Spence-Ugas bout outright: “I can’t even tell you whose going to win,” he says.

Garcia then explains what it’s like fighting after an injury. “You try not to think about it,” he says, “but while your fighting, f–k, you get hit a certain way or you throw a punch a certain way and it hurts you that’s just a reminder that you were hurt. F–k it. What do you do? Keep fighting, use your other hand. It happens. It’s boxing.” Garcia feels Spence may bring a unique approach to a fight with Ugas.

“He might actually be fighting a little different, you know, a little more cautious based on the injury,” he says. “That could play into the fight.”

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