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Manny Pacquiao Has An Offer To Those Abusing Asians: “Fight Me Instead.”

By: Sean Crose

With a rash of assaults on Asians and Asian Americans rocking the United States, one of the most famous athletes on the earth has something to say. “We have one color in our Blood!” Manny Pacquiao tweeted late last week. “Stop discriminating. LOVE AND PEACE TO EVERYONE!! #StopAsianHate” This message was accompanied by identical photos of Pacquiao before pictures of what to appear to be victims of this latest crime wave. The words “STOP ATTACKING ASIANS WHO CAN’T DEFEND THEMSELVES,” appear above the pictures in a variety of different languages followed by the offer: “FIGHT ME INSTEAD – Manny Pacquiao.”

Sadly, it’s doubtful those who enjoy hurting innocent people would have the courage to face the legendary – and still active – fighter. Pacquiao may not be big, but as someone who has stood directly in front of the man, I can attest the fighter gives off a vibe that he is not to be trifled with. Then there’s power shots he throws from what seem to be thousands of different angles. Again, anyone eager to sucker punch an innocent person of any color isn’t apt to be brave enough to take Pacquiao up on his offer. Not that the eight division champion has a shortage of opponents to face.


For Pacquiao, who last fought in the ring back in 2019, has the fight world wondering who his next opponent will be – even though he’s well into his forties. The fighter, who is also a Filipino Senator, surprised some people when he bested the talented and considerably younger Keith Thurman over a year and a half ago. Covid is undoubtedly one of the reasons Pacquiao hasn’t fought in so long. Still, names like Terence Crawford, Mikey Garcia, and even Conor McGregor have been mentioned as possible opponents. An announcement regarding the important details of Pacquiao’s next fight have been expected for some time.

Not that any of that matters to those who are being harmed on a regular basis simply because they are Asian or of Asian background. People, innocent people, simply deserve to be left alone. This is a fundamental moral fact of life. Still, influential people are heard and are taken seriously. And Pacquiao is nothing if not influential. He is, perhaps, the most famous Asian individual in the world today. A product of poverty who started boxing in the Philippines as a young man, Pacquiao has gone on to earn unimagined levels of fame, fortune and accolades. He’s also regarded as being particularly generous with his hard earned good fortune.

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