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“Man up.” Ryan Garcia And Oscar De La Hoya Go To War On Social Media

Posted on 06/02/2023

By: Sean Crose

There are some people who settle matters behind closed doors. Then there are those in the boxing business. Take, for instance, the hard hitting and popular Ryan Garcia and his promoter, the Golden Boy himself, Oscar De La Hoya, who he is currently feuding with in very public fashion. The situation may well have started earlier in the week ,when De La Hoya claimed that former great Manny Pacquiao was the preferred opponent for Garcia’s next fight.

Garcia took offense to that, and stated as much via social media. On Thursday, however, matters went from bad to worse. De La Hoya indicated he was tired of Garcia bringing up the fact that he didn’t show up to the post fight press conference after Garcia was knocked out by Gervonta Davis in a highly lucrative superfight in April.

“Wtf @RyanGarcia ,” De La Hoya tweeted, “it’s been almost two months and youre still crying about the post presser? The blame for your loss is on YOU and your “advisor” Lupe. He is the only one who pushed you to accept that INSANE rehydration clause and THAT is the reason you lost. Man up. Own that.”

Suffice to say, Garcia wasn’t in the mood to let things slide. “Okay buddy,” he tweeted Friday, “you got it all figured out. “Tired of you disrespecting my whole career and you thine non of it matters. Loyalty and common sense is lost in your head. Stop treating people that way and think they will just accept it. ”

But De La Hoya himself wasn’t done. “Also,” he continued, “you keep saying ‘tanks team offered more support for you’ blah blah blah. Bro they SET YOU UP TO LOSE with that rehydration clause and most importantly…AL HAYMON DIDNT EVEN SHOW UP THE ENTIRE WEEK. Actually, he NEVER shows up. How’s that for ‘support’???”

Garcia pointed out a photo of De La Hoya with Rolly Romero. “You know I’m about to fight thig guy,” he tweeted, “and you go act buddy buddy with him. You don’t care about your fighters. Really tired of the fake act! STOP THE CAP AND BE REAL FOR ONCE MAN. I can respect you more if you just told the truth, you’re in it for the cash. No love lost.”

“It’s called promoting,” De La Hoya retorted. “Who do you think sparked the fight week press conference when it was like being at a funeral. My job is to promote your job is to fight. No lost love.”

This being boxing, of course, the two men may well patch things up.

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