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Luis Nery Stops Azat Hovhannisyan In War Of Attrition

Posted on 02/18/2023

By: Sean Crose

Luis Nery headlined a DAZN broadcast card live from the Fox Theater in Pomona, California on Saturday. The 33-1 Nery’s opponent was the 21-3 Azat Hovhannisyan. Their bout was a WBC super bantamweight eliminator scheduled for 12. Nery slipped in the first, but was able to move on and put together some solid shots. Things appeared to a be a bit slower in the second until the final moments of the round when the two fighters fired away at one another. Although unable to land as cleanly as possible, Hovhannisyan threw impressively at his man in the third. Still, Nery landed well himself.

Photo: DAZN

The fourth saw a lot of action on the part of both men, but Nery was hurt in the final minute. He fought back gamely until the bell. The two fighters banged away at leach other in the fifth. Hovhannisyan was in trouble by round’s end, but was able to survive the chapter. The fight took a more tentative turn in the sixth, unsurprising considering the violent fury that had been raging throughout the bout. Nery appeared exhausted in the seventh. And, though game as always, he seemed drained in the eighth, as well.

The ninth saw Hovhannisyan simply being the more active of the two fighters, although both men stepped on the gas towards the end. Nery looked as if he might be near the end in the tenth. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, he sent Hovhannisyan to the mat. Hovhannisyan got to his feet and somehow managed to survive the round. The thunderous action resumed in the eleventh. Nery unloaded on Hovhannisyan one final time, and the referee stopped the fight.

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