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Lawson decisions Prescott, Unimpressive in Victory; Barthelemy Handles Perez with Ease in Lightweight Debut.

Posted on 03/27/2015

by Eric Duran

Warriors Promotions, in association with ESPN 2, presented Thursday Night Fights from The Hialeah Park Race Track in Hialeah, Florida on Thursday evening.

In the main event, veteran Breidis Prescott gave the undefeated Fredrick Lawson all he could handle. Lawson (24-0, 20 KOs) was able to handle the pressure of Prescott (27-7, 20 KOs) as a controversial knockdown in round three played a big role on the judge’s scorecards. It was a back-and-forth battle, as both fighters had their moments, but the bigger shots of Lawson left Prescott’s face badly swollen. Lawson stays undefeated against his toughest challenger to date in Prescott by spilt decision.

In the co-main event, Rances “Kid Blast” Barthelemy (22-0, 13 KOs) overwhelms an over-matched Angino Perez (18-7, 16 KOs) inside of two rounds. Barthelemy scored two knockdowns in round one after a slow start. Once he figured out Perez wasn’t on his level, Barthelemy was in cruise control. The action came to an end at 0:15 of round number two when a barrage of punches from Barthelemy dropped Perez, who was unable to continue.

In the opening bout of the night, light heavyweight knockout artist Ahmed Elbiali (10-0, 9 KOs) decisioned a game Mike Stafford (13-3, 3 KOs). Elbiali is known as a power puncher, but he was never able to hurt or drop, Stafford. Elbiali stays undefeated as he sees the final bell for the first time.

Round by Round: Lawson vs Prescott

Both fighters are trying to establish a body attack here in round one. A war breaks out as both fighters stand and trade along the ropes. Lawson lands a overhand right to head of Prescott. Prescott’s left eye seems to be swelling from Lawson’s attack. A solid round of action as both fighters have come to win.

Prescott is pumping his jab from the outside in round two. Lawson continues to land his overhand right when Prescott becomes lazy with his jab. Back and forth action as the fighters trade in the corner as Prescott connects with a big left hook.

Prescott is pressing the action to begin round three. Lawson is starting to apply his strength as the bigger fighter, dropping Prescott with a right hand to the temple. Prescott is visibly feeling the power of Lawson as he is less willing to trade with Lawson. The swelling left eye of Prescott is getting worse as the fight goes on.

The bigger Lawson connects with a straight right hand as Prescott retreats to the ropes. Prescott lands a powerful 1-2, driving Lawson into the ropes.

Lawson lands as Prescott covers up on the ropes. A left hook from Prescott drills Lawson, knocking him off balance to end round four.

Prescott’s right eye is swelling shut as round five starts. Lawson is landing a powerful, stiff jab as he snaps back the neck of Prescott. Prescott looks fatigued as the snap on his punches is decreasing. A solid round for Lawson as he seems to have taken control of the fight.

A controlled Lawson is starting to catch Prescott with every power shot he throws. Prescott is still moving forward and competing, but there is no damage behind his punches. Both fighters are unloading and landing big shots as round six comes to an end.

Lawson is letting Prescott hang around in this fight as his punch outlet is minimal. Prescott’s activity may show up on the judges scorecards. Prescott’s heart and will is starting to wear on Lawson here in round seven.

Prescott finds a second wind here in the later rounds. He continues to press forward as Lawson throws one punch at a time. Lawson is boxing from the outside, picking and choosing his spots to end round eight.

The pace of the fight has slowed a bit, as both fighters have fallen into their respective game plans. It’s a battle of Lawson’s jab and Prescott’s volume punching. The humidity may be playing a factor in the later rounds, as Prescott is breathing heavier.

The 10th round may determine the winner of this fight. Lawson comes out in the offense, putting together combinations. Lawson is doing a good job of boxing and walking Prescott into shots. Prescott is tired, but he continues to fight back as he swings wildly and misses.

Lawson wins a unanimous decision by scores of 95-94 (twice) and 96-93.

Round by Round: Barthelemy vs Perez

“Kid Blast” blasts outs Perez in two easy rounds.

Barthelemy is fighting from the outside, picking and choosing his spots. As Perez settles along the ropes, Barthelemy goes on the offense, knocking Perez through the ropes with a left hook for a knock down. A vicious body attack from Barthelemy drops Perez again as the round comes to an end.

Barthelemy comes aggressively in round two, trapping Perez in a corner and stopping him with a onslaught of punches. Referee Frank Santor calls a halt to the action at 15 seconds into round number two.

Round by Round: Elbiali vs Stafford

Elbiali opens with a steady body attack in the opening moments of the first round. Stafford is holding his own, but Elbiali is starting to land power shots. Stafford scores with a nice counter left hook along the ropes as Elbiali stands straight up. A big right hand from Elbiali stuns Stafford to end round one.

Elbiali is picking up the pace here in round two as Stafford tries to answer back. Stafford seems to be losing steam due to the continued pressure of Elbiali. Stafford misses with a haymaker as round two comes to an end.

The pressure of Elbiali is taking effect on the stamina of Stafford. A low blow from Elbiali brings a stop in the action. When the fight continues, Stafford catches Elbiali with a left hook. A right hand from Stafford stops Elbiali in his tracks. Elbiali mounts an offensive attack to end round three. Stafford will be lucky to make it through another round, as he is gassed out.

Elbiali is trying to end the fight with one big punch as Stafford continues push forward. Elbiali may be tired himself as his pace as slowed here in round four. Elbiali nails Stafford with a right hand along the ropes as the stanza comes to an end.

Stafford is completely gassed as he continues to fall on all fours whenever there is a clinch. Elbiali recognizes this and picks up the pace of the fight. Elbiali lands a straight right hand as Stafford lays stationary on the ropes. Elbiali is continuously landing right hooks as his opponent walks in with no jab.

Moments into round six, Stafford is deducted a point for holding. Not much action as both fighters are complete tired. There’s is more holding then actual fighting. Stafford has resorted to fighting in a southpaw stance here in the final round.

All three judges, 59-54 and 60-53 twice, score the bout for your UD winner, Ahmed Elbiali.

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