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Keith Thurman Returns To The Public Eye

By: Sean Crose

After losing a close decision to the forty year old Manny Pacquiao in the summer of 2019, former WBA welterweight titlist Keith Thurman walked away from the public eye. Although he did an interesting interview with the Boxing Insider podcast late last year, and has spoken with several other media outlets over the past year and a half or so, Thurman has essentially been under the radar. He gamely admitted Pacquiao got the better of him, popped up on boxing news sites every so often – and that was about it. In the past several days, however, it seems like Thurman is trying to get himself back in the spotlight – as well as the ring.

After wishing everyone Happy New Year on Instagram, Thurman has taken to social media with a shaved head and a lot to say. “A new year a new look a new philosophy,” Thurman posted over the weekend, “2021 new me what are you going to do this yr? #timeforachange.” On Monday, Thurman took to the internet again with a high octane, inspirational clip where he urged viewers to “read a new book, read a new article, go outside and make a new friend.” The video was uploaded by Fox Sports: PBC.

Photo Courtesy of PBC

Thurman, who has been a professional boxer since 2007 is one of the more colorful figures in the fight game. Not only has he amassed a record of 29-1 with 22 knockouts, he has also come across as something different in the world of contemporary boxing – because he is. Never mind the long hair and pony tail the man once donned, Thurman has shown a philosophical, rather artsy flair that isn’t often seen in sports in general, never mind the sweet science. Couple that with an impressive winning record and its little wonder why Thurman can still attract attention after about a year and a half out of ring.

The question now is who Thurman might fight next. Although he reportedly wants to face Errol Spence, calling other fighters out is simply part and parcel of the fight business these days. Still, the man known as “One Time” has bested PBC stablemates Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia. Aside from Pacquiao, who is the last man he fought – Spence seems like an interesting choice of opponent for Thurman. A rematch with Porter, Garcia or Pacquiao isn’t out of the question either. Or maybe – just maybe – a deal can be made for a fight between he and Top Rank superstar Terence Crawford.

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