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Keith Thurman Lets Loose On Bob Arum In Explosive Instagram Post

By: Sean Crose

To say Keith Thurman is back with a vengeance may be something of an understatement at this point. In an Instagram post on Thursday, the former WBA welterweight titlist went off on all variety of things. Mainly, however, he went off on Top Rank honcho Bob Arum, who has clearly offended Thurman as a result of talks about a possible fight with WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford. “I’ve got some sh-t I’ve got to say,” Thurman stated. “I’m tired of the drama.” Moments later, the 29-1, 32 year old fighter from Florida let loose on his feelings towards Arum at the moment.

“F–k Top Rank,” he stated plainly. “F–k Bob Arum…you piece of sh-t.” Thurman then went on to say that Arum doesn’t have the ability to hold on to top fighters. “All of your great fighters left your ass,” he said. “Thurman ain’t no punk.” From there, Thurman went on to compare Arum’s Top Rank promotions, with fighters under Al Haymon’s PBC banner. “You can’t afford us, Bob,” he said of himself and other PBC fighters. “You ain’t gonna pay no full price (in the Covid-19 era), but you ain’t getting a discount.”

“Stop talking sh-t,” he added before focusing on discussions for a bout between he and Crawford. “There ain’t going to be no fight,” he said. “You can’t afford it.” The fighter, who was last seen dropping an upset decision to a resurgent Manny Pacquiao in 2019, then attempted to make it clear that he wasn’t all about money. “I don’t need ten million dollars,” he said, “but I do need respect.” As far as Thurman was concerned, Crawford himself wanted the bout. “Terence Crawford wanted to fight me last year,” Thurman exclaimed. “Thurman versus Crawford is fire – they can’t afford it.”

Talk of a Thurman-Crawford fight has been making the rounds lately, with few arguing that it wouldn’t be a compelling matchup – provided Thurman returned to the ring with some of his former sting. Although it’s clear Thurman has many options from the PBC camp to choose from as possible opponents, Crawford is now being seen as a great fighter without a dance partner. A much anticipated battle between the Nebraska native and unified welterweight titlist Errol Spence Jr seems to be going nowhere fast, and now an enticing fight with Thurman appears to be unlikely at the moment. Thurman, however, indicated he’s focusing on getting back on track after a lengthy absence from the ring.

“I’m going to get the belts back,” he said on Instagram. “I bring that heat.”

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