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Katie Taylor Comes Home: “It’s Amazing To Be Bringing Big Time Boxing Back To This Nation Again”

Posted on 05/19/2023

Sean Crose

“This is absolutely incredible,” undisputed lightweight champion Katie Taylor said just days before her Saturday throwdown against undisputed junior welterweight champion Chantelle Cameron in Taylor’s native Ireland. “We’re only two days away from making my homecoming fight. I think that one of the things that I wanted to achieve when I first turned pro six years ago was to fight here at home. This is a nation who love their sport, who love their boxing, and for a very very small nation we’re very good at it as well. It’s amazing to be bringing big time boxing back to this nation again where it belongs.”

With that being said, Taylor is aware of the seriousness of Saturday’s bout. To become undisputed in two divisions is a rare thing. “This isn’t any normal fight,” Taylor continues. “This is undisputed champions versus undisputed champion. This is a very special fight, one of the biggest fights in boxing I believe. I think we’re definitely turning a new leaf for Irish boxing. Hopefully this is the first night of many here at home in Ireland.”

Taylor, a polite and positive person by nature, sees what she and Cameron are doing as inspirational. “Even just looking at the public workout the other day,” she said, “just looking at so many young fighters there, young girls that were watching the public workout. They’re looking up to myself and Chantelle and all of these other fighters, it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s great to be in a position where you’re influencing the next generation of fighters. They’re going to grow up with big dreams and big ambitions as well which is absolutely amazing. That’s what legacy is all about isn’t it, making the way for the next generation of fighters. Those generation of fighters are going to do even more than we’ve ever done. That’s what real legacy is all about.”

Taylor took a moment to reflect on her own challenges as a fighter. “When I was growing up as a 9 or 10 year old having these big dreams, I didn’t have the Olympics at the time, we had so many obstacles and so many boundaries in the way. Here we are making the path so much easier for the next generation of fighters. It’s amazing. Just a few hours ago I met up with Deirdre Gogarty who was my hero growing up. She was the only female fighter I knew of at the time. Just the influence that she had on my career is amazing, I could be that for some young girl coming up in the sport as well. I saw the fight slipping away for me, the May 20th date was slipping away. I don’t use social media much but when I do use it I guess I can make a big impact.”

Overall, Taylor came across as thrilled to be in an event as significant as this weekend’s will be. “I knew that Chantelle wanted this fight as well,” said Taylor. “It was a very easy fight to make. The minute the Tweet went out a few days later the fight was actually made. Two undisputed champions facing off against each other is absolutely huge for the sport and it has all of the makings of another epic fight. I never pick the easiest challenges – I want the biggest tests and the biggest challenges. I have a chance to become a two-weight undisputed champion on Saturday evening in front of my home crowd. This is so so special.”

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