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Jake Paul Says Mayweather “Doesn’t Want To Risk His Record” By Fighting Him

Posted on 05/12/2021

By: Sean Crose

Give Jake Paul this – he knows how to go off with the mouth. Indeed, Paul may have knocked Conor McGregor off the throne for king of the combat sport bigmouths. He may not be as finessed as the Irish UFC star in his verbal attacks, but Paul gets clicks by making outrageously bold statements that gather attention. The social media influencer turned novelty boxing star is now claiming that Floyd Mayweather doesn’t want to fight him because the 50-0 great “doesn’t want to hurt this record.” This while Mayweather is presumably preparing to face Paul’s older brother, Logan, in a June pay per view event.

“I don’t want to do exhibitions,” Paul told the Sun. “and I think that’s the difference between Floyd and I and even my brother and I.” The younger Paul, who is now 3-0, has never fought another professional boxer. Still, he’s trying to come across as a serious fighter with the media. “I want legitimate pro fights that are sanctioned, I want to build my pro record,” he says. “I don’t think Floyd would actually fight me outside of an exhibition as he doesn’t want to risk his record.”

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – APRIL 17: Jake Paul celebrates after defeating Ben Askren in their cruiserweight bout during Triller Fight Club at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on April 17, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller)

Like a man who knows exactly how to present himself to the public, Paul even goes on to suggest that he, not Mayweather would be calling the shots should serious talk of a fight between the two emerge. “Maybe if we can come to some kind of agreement around that, I’d fight Floyd,” he told the Sun, “but I’m not doing like the circus, exhibition shit.” One might suggest that Paul first fight some individuals who are essentially on his level before trying to take on the best boxer of his generation, but that’s not Paul’s style. Everything for the Ohio native seems to be over the top. Which, frankly, suits Mayweather fine, for the man relishes over the top scenarios himself.

Of course, the now 44 year old great seemed truly put off last week when Paul stole the hat off the top of his head during a press conference. The act, which proved that Paul is willing to go so far as to upstage his own brother (the incident went down at a press event for Logan’s fight with Mayweather) in order to promote himself, led to Mayweather and his team attacking and chasing Paul around Hard Rock Stadium. For the record, Paul didn’t look to eager to fight Mayweather at that particular moment. Perhaps, however, things will change over time.

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