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HBO World Championship Boxing Results: Chavez Jr. Batters Lee

Posted on 06/16/2012

By: William Holmes

Undefeated Julio Cesar Chavez took on top contender Andy Lee outside at the Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso, Texas, Saturday night, and it had the feel of a classic big-time fight.

This fight was not without controversy beforehand. Last night at the weigh ins, Chavez Jr. refused to weigh his gloves when asked to by Andy Lee’s camp. Julio was also unable to provide a urine sample when ask to by the Texas Athletic Commission before the fight.

The crowd was clearly pro Chavez, and could be heard cheering their hero on as he walked out to the ring. Andy Lee, however, silenced them early, as he was able to stay effective with his jab, keeping Chavez at bay.

Chavez Jr. began to turn the tide in the fourth round, blasting Andy Lee with some hard uppercuts and several hard hooks. He started to taunt Andy Lee in the fifth round and walked through the Lee’s punches. He landed several hard uppercuts and hooks to the body in the fifth.

By the seventh round, Chavez Jr. was clearly in control, and his power shots were landing regularly, especially to the body. He unleashed hard body- head combinations on Lee by the corner, and a vicious right hook staggered the Irishman. The referee finally saw enough, and called an end to the fight at 2:21 of round 7.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. improves to 46-0 with tonight’s impressive victory. Chavez Jr. landed 116 punches tonight at a 48% connect rate, in comparison to Lee, who landed a similar number of punches, but only at a 28% connect rate.

Chavez Jr. clearly won the fight due to his power shots, especially to the body of Lee. Lee simply had no answer for the brutal body work of Chavez.

Afterward, Chavez Jr. claimed he could have knocked Andy Lee out earlier, but was unable to because of the cramps in his legs.

When asked about Sergio Martinez, Chavez Jr. replied that he will knock him out and shut his mouth.

The power Chavez Jr. displayed tonight certainly increases the marketability of a fight with middleweight kingpin Sergio Martinez.

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