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Gervonta Davis Spotted In Wheelchair At Super Bowl

Posted on 02/13/2023

By: Sean Crose

Boxing fans were treated to the sight of some big names during Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast. Canelo popped up in a beer commercial while Floyd was spotted at State Farm Stadium watching the game live. One fighter fans didn’t see on their screens Sunday night, however, was Gervonta Davis. The fighter known as Tank was definitely there live, though. What’s more, he was pushed around in a wheelchair. “Shit happens all the time,” he said in a video published by TMZ. “Shit be happening,” he added, “but I’m alright.” Fans no doubt hope Davis is all right, not just for his physical well being (he reportedly hurt his ankle), but the sake of his much anticipated fight with Ryan Garcia (which still, for the record, hasn’t been signed).

Since Sunday night, Davis has uploaded a video of himself (or what we are to assume is him since we never see the person’s face), either on a train or a plane, moving his legs about. He posted the video above the TMZ post with the tag “shut up.” Garcia himself took to social media in regard to the matter. “Stay focused champ,” he tweeted over the TMZ post, “we got a fight coming up.”

Davis-Garcia is one of the most hoped for fights in boxing at the moment. Both men have reportedly agreed to fight, but no contract has been signed. Indeed, the negotiation process has appeared to have slowed down considerably. With boxing being in an era where it’s now close to a given that fights the fans want the won’t come to fruition, the sight of Davis in a wheelchair can, of course, seem alarming. Again, though, Davis argued in the video that he was fine. Let’s hope he stays fine until fight time.

If and when the fight comes to fruition.

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