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Gervonta Davis Says He’s No Longer With Mayweather Promotions: “I’m Just Doing My Own Thing Now”

Posted on 12/06/2022

By: Sean Crose

With a January fight right down the road and a major battle with Ryan Garcia on the horizon, Gervonta Davis has made it clear that he’s no longer with Mayweather Promotions. “Much love to Mayweather Promotions, Leonard Ellerbe, Floyd Mayweather, all them guys,” Davis said at a Monday press conference to promote is fight next month against Hector Garcia. “I definitely appreciate them. I’m just doing my own thing now.” The parting of the legendary Mayweather and the red hot Davis doesn’t come as much of a surprise to those who follow the fight game. Indeed, Davis has seemed rather unhappy with his promotional outlet for some time now.

“Floyd is out doing him,” Davis said, indicating that Mayweather was more concerned with Mayweather than he was with his protege’s career. “He’s always been like that. You know what I mean?” Yet Davis also made it clear he didn’t fault his former mentor for focusing on other things besides his career. “I have to focus on what I can focus on,” the 27-0 fighter said. “He already did what he had to do. I ain’t going to lie. If I did what he did in the sport, I’d be the same way. I don’t fault him for staying to himself.”

Interestingly enough, Davis said that people often make too big a deal out of his tweets, which are essentially just a way for him to let off some of the interior steam that builds up in a fighter’s life. “A lot of people think when I’m tweeting, I’m mad,” he said, “but I’m just talking shit. I’m tweeting because I’m in camp. I’m angry. If I wasn’t in camp, I wouldn’t be tweeting.” Sure enough, Davis’ tweets bring in a lot of attention as well as a good amount of speculation. On Monday, though, Davis appeared eager to clear things up.

“I’m not saying in the future we can’t work together or anything like that,” he said of Mayweather Promotions, “but I’m just trying to put my own pants on.” It seems clear at this point that the now 28 year old Davis wants to be seen as more than simply a Mayweather protege. The man has, after all, stopped all but two of his opponents within the distance, has held world titles in various weight divisions and has yet to lose a single fight. With a legitimate superfight with Ryan Garcia reportedly already set, the fighter known as “Tank” obviously feels he’s in a good enough place to roll along into battle without team Mayweather behind him.

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