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Floyd Mayweather On Crypto Currency: “It’s The New Wave.”

By: Sean Crose

Floyd Mayweather has been making the rounds lately – and with good reason. The 44 year old retired great is fighting internet sensation Logan Paul in a highly publicized pay per view exhibition bout this Sunday in Miami. Yet the fighter seemed to have caught a few people by surprise when he sang the praises of cryptocurrency during an interview with Fox Business Network’s Susan Li. “Cryptocurrency,” he said. “It’s the new wave, it’s what everybody’s doing,”  Mayweather is such a fan that he was spotted at the 2021 Bitcoin Conference while he was in Miami for fight week.

“Everybody should have their own mind and choose what cryptocurrency they want to choose,” Mayweather told Li. “What I believe in is being independent and doing what you wanna do and it’s about people winning in life. And I push people to be winners in life. Cause I’m a winner.” There is little doubt of that, as the all time great, undefeated in 50 pro fights, informed Li that he has assets in the billions. “NFT (non-fungible tokens),” he said, “I want the world to own a piece of my legacy, because I wouldn’t be where I’m at, without the fans.”

Although a battle between Mayweather and the much younger, far bigger Paul seemed like a very hard sell just a few months ago, the fight is now producing real buzz and looks like it may be an enormous success as a pay per view event. Few give Paul a chance to succeed, and even Mayweather has hinted that the fight is more entertainment than serious sport. Still, the almost guaranteed future Hall of Famer always arrives into the ring prepared. Even if Mayweather doesn’t see this weekend’s exhibition as a serious event – you can guarantee he’s going to take it seriously. As he does NFTs.

“If Cryto currency is the new wave, you know what, be the best,” he said to Li. “I just want to say thank you to everyone whose supported me throughout the years.” In a business where being a showman can mean a whole lot, Mayweather appears to be genuinely at ease in the interview. “I’m just happy,” he said, “being on the big stage right now, having fun, and doing what I love to do.” Confidence, it seems, can breed success both in and out of the ring….confidence, and a large amount of skill.

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