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Fans, Journalists Surprised Mayweather Didn’t Knock Out Paul.

Posted on 06/07/2021

By: Sean Crose

By most accounts, forty four year old Floyd Mayweather got the better of twenty-six year old Loan Paul at the Hard Rock Arena in Miami Sunday night. Still, fans and journalists walked away from this weekend’s highly publicized exhibition bout a bit surprised that Mayweather didn’t knock his man out. This has led some to view Paul, a virtual boxing novice, as the winner of the Mayweather fight by default. Not that any of this matters in the long run. Mayweather will continue to be regarded as one of the greatest fighters ever, while Paul will rise or fall in his boxing endeavor based on future performances.

Still, history consists of a series of moments and this particular moment in boxing history sees some people taken back by the fact Paul didn’t find himself staring up at the lights of the Hard Rock Arena on Sunday Night. Some are even suspecting that a strange form of mercy or salesmanship was involved, that Mayweather intentionally let Paul last to the final bell. While this may be true, there’s nothing about it that reeks of foul play. Why? Because this was an exhibition match, full – as Shakespeare would say – of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

The fans who saw the event in person may have booed the final result, as no doubt, others did at home. The truth, however, is that no one should have been surprised. Mayweather, after all, has never been known for being a thunderous puncher. Throw in the fact that Paul towers over him and also weighs a great deal more, and it’s no shock the fight went the distance. Plus, after a few rounds, things pretty much went like those who are knowledgeable of the sport of boxing thought they would – with Mayweather being well in control. Again, the consensus is clearly that the former pound for pound great got the better of Paul.

Ultimately, however, the media relies a great deal on clicks. And presenting the end result of last night’s much hyped bout as something of a surprise brings the clicks in. Take nothing away from Paul, who fought gamely and is far from a tomato can, but he didn’t necessarily stun the world. As for Mayweather, he just appears happy with how things have turned out. He made a lot of money, was the center of attention, and didn’t get shocked by his younger opponent. Ultimately, the event was a win all around – except, of course, for those who were expecting more.

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