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Even In Retirement, Floyd Mayweather Finds A Way To Stay On Top

Posted on 06/03/2021

By: Sean Crose

The late, great film critic Roger Ebert once said one couldn’t fault George Lucas for introducing the world to Star Wars and the dawn of special effects spectacles – one could only wonder at how well the man did it. For Ebert knew what many back in the 70s couldn’t acknowledge, that the original Star Wars, along with Spielberg’s Jaws – were GOOD movies. They may not have been unabashedly artistic, like the works of acclaimed contemporaries Robert Altman, Martin Scorcese, or Terence Malick, but they were good movies none the less. And people loved them.

The same can be said of the career of the now 44 year old Floyd Mayweather. People have criticized his safety first approach to the fight game – but he’s never lost. People have criticized his finely tuned image – but it’s helped make him a fortune. Now people are criticizing Mayweather for facing a YouTuber this weekend in a pay per view event. More likely than not, however, Mayweather’s exhibition bout with Logan Paul on Sunday will bring in lots of money, attention, and eyeballs. Mayweather, in short, knows how to be successful. But that’s not all – Mayweather knows how to stay successful.

Ask yourself this – will the Paul brothers, Canelo Alvarez, Conor McGregor or anyone else whose popular in the fight game be able to draw the attention Mayweather does long after their primes have come and gone? Maybe, but it’s unlikely. Only Mayweather seems to have this kind of staying power (with the possible exception of arch rival Manny Pacqiuao). The man always finds a way to not only return – but to return to the spotlight. This author has been approached by guys in their 20s this week thinking Logan Paul may well have a chance when he meets Mayweather this weekend for their pay per view exhibition bout. While it’s true the young man may indeed have a chance, that chance is very slim indeed. Even without an official winner being announced (this is an exhibition, after all) it’s clear whose going to be getting the better of who this Sunday.

Say what you will about the fighter called “Money,” but he’s a fighter like no other. Ali was an activist. Tyson remained mired in notoriety for years. Mayweather has consistently stayed in the spotlight simply on business acumen. It’s something to see, though it’s doubtfully difficult to emulate. Mayweather clones come and go, but, like him or not, Floyd finds a way to keep up with the times.

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