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Deontay Wilder Lays Out Robert Helenius In First

Posted on 10/16/2022

By: Sean Crose

Make no mistake about it – Deontay Wilder is still a very bad man. He may be a wonderful person in private life but the former WBC heavyweight titlist proved to the world Saturday night at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center just how a viscous ring practitioner he could be. They say that all it takes is one punch. And indeed, that’s all it took for Wilder to knock out longtime contender Robert Helenius in the very first round of their pay per view main event on Saturday. Needles to say the fight was scheduled for 12 rounds. Not, perhaps, that anyone felt it would go that long – for both fighters were known sluggers.

Wilder’s power, however, has always been next level. Indeed, the Alabama native might be the single hardest hitter the world of boxing has ever seen. That’s truly saying something. There’s little doubt that the rugged Helenius, when he came to, would agree with the assertion. Engaging Wilder on the ropes as the opening chapter of the fight winded down, Helenius was hit with a shot that even sounded like it hurt – though it’s doubtful the poor man felt much on his way to the mat.

There Helenius lay a mere moment later, eyes open, body lying flat on the canvas. It was a frightening sight. But that’s what Deontay Wilder has long been in the business of doing – frightening people with his power. Even divisional king Tyson Fury has been sent to the mat numerous times by Wilder in the course of their three grueling fights. Suffice to say it was business as usual for the fighter known as “The Bronze Bomber” on Saturday night. After being out of the ring for a year, it was worth wondering if Wilder still had the “it factor.” His previous two fights had ended in crushing defeats, after all, Fury having topped him both times within the distance. In the aftermath of his very brief fight with Helenius on Saturday, though, the only thing truly worth wondering about was what would be next for Wilder now that his comeback fight had ended in such a blinding flash.

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