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David Benavidez Stops Demetrius Andrade In Six. Gutsy Rhode Islander Saved By His Corner

Posted on 11/26/2023

By: Sean Crose

Two of the most avoided practitioners in the entire sport of boxing clashed in the ring in Las Vegas Saturday night. Indeed, the battle was the main event of Showtime Boxing’s final pay per view card. Both David Benavidez and Demetrius Andrade were former world titlists with exceedingly impressive records and an ability to make possible high end opponents turn the other way. The fact that they decided to fight each other made for an interesting scenario, as the power punching Benavidez was pitting his crushing shots against the slick, fluid skill set of Andrade.

Sure enough, the 32-0 Andrade took to jabbing the 27-0 Benavidez in the first. He also took to holding his man when it looked like Benavidez was about to go on the attack. Andrade ended the round with a flurry. Andrade fired off flurries on his man in the second. Indeed, Benavidez was unable to figure the awkward Rhode Islander out early on in the bout. Still, Benavidez was able to come alive and land in the third – not that it wasn’t a very close round. The fourth was close, as well – until Andrade went down. The man was able to beat the count, but Benavidez’ power shots were clearly taking their toll.

Benavidez proceeded to thud away at Andrade in the fifth. Andrade fired well himself at times, and indeed proved himself a warrior at round’s end by trading ferociously with his man. Benavidez, however, was clearly doing considerable damage. After the ring doctor okayed Andrade’s return to action in the sixth, Benavidez was back on the hunt. Then, when it looked like Andrade was done, Andrade actually caught his man. Benavidez shook it off, however, and went back on the attack.

In between rounds, the referee threatened to stop the fight – and understandably so. Andrade’s corner responded by telling the referee to go ahead and put an end to what had essentially become a dangerous endeavor for their fighter. And that was that. “Gimme the fight we all want to see,” Benavidez said afterward, referring to divisional undisputed champion Canelo Alvarez. When asked how he was able to turn the fight around in his favor, Benavidez offered a simple response. “Because of hard work and dedication,” he stated. To his credit, Andrade stepped forward and openly gave Benavidez credit. “David was the man today,” he said. “Congratulations to him and his family.”

“I’ll be back,” he promised.

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