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David Benavidez Says He’ll “Break Caleb Plant’s F—–g Jaw” On Saturday Night

Posted on 03/24/2023

By: Sean Crose

Tomorrow night, the supermiddleweight bout between former world titlist Caleb Plant and fellow former world titlist David Benavidez will go down in Las Vegas as the main event of a Showtime pay per view card. At yesterday’s final press conference before the match, it was not only clear that each fighter was ready to go – it was clear that each man disliked the other. “You’re going to get knocked out,” interrupted Benavidez while Plant was making his opening statement. “Go to sleep again.” It was par for the course in regard to the leadup to this weekend’s throwdown.

Photo: Showtime

Not allowing an opportunity to slip by, Plant verbally went at Benavidez for his opponent’s sometime questionable level of dedication in the past. “Welcome to the club,” he said of Benavidez reportedly being on weight. He then repeated the statement while pointing out Benavidez’ ripped pre-fight physique. “Welcome to the club,” Plant stated once more. “That’s what happens when you work hard.” He then went on to compare Benavidez’ perceived mindset to his own. “I don’t need the right opponent in front of me to give it my all,” he said. “I’m not some blown up 154 pounder.”

Not to be outdone, Benavidez pointed out Plant’s pantomime of digging a hole for the vanquished. “All the talk is done,” he said. “He’s digging his own grave.” But the two time WBC super middleweight titlist wasn’t finished there. “Every time he fights a true super middleweight,” he said of Plant, “he gets hurt.” Both fighters pointed to their own bona fides, which are unquestionably impressive. “I’m definitely the harder puncher,” said Benavidez, while Plant claimed that he had “the better pedigree and Saturday night it’s going to show.” Both fighters also admitted that they were in against a quality opponent on Saturday. Yet both also wanted to make it clear who they believed the winner would be.

“He is a good boxer,” Benavidez said of Plant. “He has good speed. He moves around real good.” Not that Benavidez thinks that will keep him from emerging victorious this weekend. “This is going to be a war, and team Benavidez will come out on top,” he said. “We’re ready to put Caleb Plant’s chin to the test.” Plant, needless to say, did not appear particularly impressed by these words. Not that Benavidez seemed to care.

“They’re going to see me break Caleb Plant’s fucking jaw,” her said of those who will be watching the fight.

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