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Daniel Dubois Stops Jarrell Miller In Ten

Posted on 12/23/2023

By: Sean Crose

Hard hitting Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller looked to get himself properly back in the spotlight on Saturday when he took on fellow hard hitting heavyweight Daniel Dubois in a scheduled ten rounder at heavyweight. The 19-2 Dubois tried to move about, avoiding his opponent in the first. The 26-0-1 Miller, who looked absolutely enormous, was clearly looking to impose himself by being immovable. By the second, Miller was continuing to stalk his man while he waited for his opportunity to land big. With that being said, Dubois was able to get a good shot in during the later portion of the round. Dubois wasn’t able to make anything of it, however. Yet he was able to open up on Miller early in the third. Indeed, the Englishman was able to land well. Still, Miller kept pushing forward.


Things had fallen into a pattern in the fourth. Miller pursued, Dubois occasionally got a good shot in. By the second portion of the chapter, however, Miller turned up the pressure, allowing himself to punch and land. Yet the fight became rather sluggish in the fifth. The sixth saw Dubois picking Miller apart. What’s more, Miller looked gassed on his stool after the round had ended. Indeed, Miller looked in low energy mode in the eighth. Dubois actually took to banging away at Miller during the round.

Dubois rocked Miller hard at the beginning of the ninth. Miller was simply being beaten up at this point. And still Miller kept plodded along. The tenth and final round saw Miller to continue to move forward. He simply couldn’t get off his punches, however. Dubois even spent time standing face to face with Miller. And – the biggest surprise of all – Dubois actually stopped Miller with just a handful of seconds left in the fight.

Dubois is clearly still a live contender in the heavyweight division.

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