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Carlos Adames Stops Julian “J-Rock” Williams In Nine

Posted on 06/25/2023

By: Sean Crose

One thing is certain – despite what some might have thought, former world titlist Julian “J-Rock” Williams was not washed up when he stepped into the ring at the Armory in Minneapolis Saturday night to face the hard hitting, and younger Carlos Adames in a scheduled 12 round affair that was broadcast live on Showtime. Still, not being washed up isn’t the same as being at your best. Although he put on a great show, Williams was ultimately stopped by Adames in the ninth. Still, there was no doubt the fight was an entertaining affair, one which showcased two pros giving it their absolute all.

Image: Showtime

Adames landed well in the first. Indeed, effective punching arguably gave Adames the second. Yet Williams made things more competitive in the third. Adames, however, resumed landing well in the fourth. The fifth was close and exciting. The sixth, too, was a high octane affair. Adames looked like he wanted to get his man out of there. With that in mind, he put his punches together well in the seventh. Williams was game, as always, but Adames simply looked stronger, and younger in the eighth.

Yet it was Williams who started doing some some sharp shooting in the ninth. Adames banged away in kind. Indeed, he truly started rocking Williams later in the round. Was Williams receiving enough punishment for the fight to be stopped? The referee certainly thought so, as he stepped in and ended the affair with Williams on the topes. Still, Williams was clearly unhappy with how things had turned out.

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