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Canelo Alvarez: “I Don’t Want This Fight To Go The Distance”

Posted on 06/27/2022

By: Sean Crose

During a Monday press conference in New York City to promote their September 17 fight, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin once again made it clear that they really don’t like one another. Promoter Eddie Hearn started things off by essentially offering Golovkin the opportunity to backtrack on some of the negative things he’s said of Canelo in the past. “I’m never going to say that I didn’t say what I said,” Golovkin responded simply. “September 17th is coming, whatever unfinished business we have, were going to meet each other in the ring and resolve it.”

As for Canelo, the man honestly looked like he was holding in barely contained rage. “I think this time is different,” he said, apparently referring to the press conference. “This is the person I am. I’m no try to be other person. That’s why I’m acting like this.” Still, Canelo was willing to give credit where he thought it was due. “He’s a good fighter, he said of Golovkin, “no doubt of that.” Canelo then went on to point out what he seemed to see as a difference between himself and Golovkin. “I’m willing to risk something to accomplish what I want,” he stated.

Sure enough, Canelo is saying he’s going to stop Golovkin in this, their third, fight. That’s understandable. The first Canelo-Golovkin bout ended in a controversial draw, as many, if not most, felt Golovkin had done enough to earn the judge’s nod. Their second fight saw the judges give Canelo the outright win – which was again controversial. Add this to the fact that many in boxing’s fan base feel Canelo gets too much love from the judges in general, and it’s clear why Canelo – who regularly challenges himself in the ring – wants to end matters in definitive fashion come September 17th.

“That’s my goal for this fight,” he said, “and I’m very confident because he’s going to know I’m different…I’m just in my prime right now.” Whatever anyone can say about the previous two fights between Canelo and Golovkin, they were nothing if not high quality. Reading or hearing Canelo’s words, it’s hard to escape the impression that he’s willing to risk getting knocked out himself this time in order to get the chance to knockout Golovkin. Daring indeed. “I don’t want this fight to go the distance,” Canelo said. “I wish September 17 was today.” He’s undoubtedly not alone.

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