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Can Tommy Fury Stop The Jake Paul Juggernaut?

Posted on 02/25/2023

By: Sean Crose

He has the classic herky-jerky Fury style – but he hangs that left awfully low.

Come Sunday the world will know just what kind of fighter Tommy Fury is – or at least if he’s a good enough fighter to defeat a far more talented than people give him credit for Jake Paul. While Paul’s claim to fame was initially being a social media influencer, the guy has gone on to have a nice start as a boxer. He works hard, he hits hard, and he’s not without real skill.

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Fury’s claim to fame, on the other hand, was being the younger brother of heavyweight kingpin Tyson Fury. Sure, the younger Fury appeared on a television program, but the only reason the man is earning a huge paycheck fighting Paul this weekend in Saudi Arabia is because of who his older brother is. And that, frankly, is okay…so long as the younger Fury brings it. One of the reason’s Paul has been enormously successful in his brief 6-0 fighting career is because he’s, well, exciting to watch. He may not be the most brilliant fighter in the world, but Paul’s matches are action packed. The guy, simply put, wants to turn out the lights on his opponent if possible. He wants to please the fans.

Also, unlike other big name fighters – and like it or not, he is now a big name fighter – Paul actually fights regularly. What’s more, he consistently challenges himself. What other popular fighter could that be said of at the moment? Canelo Alvarez, and who else? The reality is that Paul rises to the occasion. And now the question is whether or not the 8-0 Fury will do the same. If he wants to be seen as more than Tyson’s younger brother, he’ll certainly try his best to when the opening bell rings Sunday in Saudi Arabia.

Looking at this fight in a purely strategic sense, it seems like two things will matter above all else. First – Paul’s power. Will Fury be able to take it? He leaves himself open so there’s no doubt Paul might end the festivities early if he lands cleanly enough. Second – Fury’s body attack. People can roll their eyes all they want, but Fury has the makings of a body snatcher. He works the midsection well and with enough power to send a man to the mat. Paul has shown that he can run low on gas as a fight progresses. If he can’t take Fury out, Paul runs the risk of having round after round of effective body shots landed on him. That will literally take some guts to endure.

Enjoy the fight.

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