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Can Deontay Wilder Beat Tyson Fury? Why, Yes He Can. The Question Is: Will He?

Posted on 05/28/2021

All it takes is a single punch.

When it comes to Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury knows that better than anyone, for it was Wilder who laid the towering Brit on his back in the final round of their first matchup in 2018. Fury, of course, came back to soundly thrash Wilder in winter 2020 thanks to a new trainer and a new, highly aggressive style. Since that time, Wilder’s behavior as been odd, to put it mildly, as the man just can’t seem to admit he lost. Does that mean Wilder doesn’t stand a chance now that he and Fury are going to meet for the third time this July, however?

Absolutely not – though most in the media would have you believe so. The truth is, Wilder may be capable of adhering to a fresh a plan of attack just like Fury was in 2020. Wilder showed as much when he faced and bested Bermane Stiverne for the first time way back in 2015. Perhaps the critics are right. Perhaps Wilder is unable to change his style enough to best Fury – but to dismiss any effort Wilder may make out of hand is ridiculous. Let’s face it, a lot of us didn’t expect Fury to successfully change his style for the second fight against Joshua. Look how that turned out.

And once again, there is that power, that thunderous, almost frightening power Wilder possesses. Critics argue the man’s punching is overrated since he’s never had to trade blows with a legitimate foil outside of Fury. Power, however, is power. A body shot from 1890s’ heavyweight titlist Bob Fitzsimmons would hurt just as much today as it did the day he knocked out Jim Corbett with one in 1897. He probably wouldn’t be able to land the shot as easily as he did back then – but there’s no doubt it would hurt. Power, after all, is power. Wilder’s blessed with it. Although it’s easier said than done, all the man truly has to do is find a way to land.

Which, of course, is why Fury-Wilder 3 is interesting. No, it’s not as intriguing as a fight between Fury and Anthony Joshua may have been, but the truth is that Fury and Wilder are wild cards. You truly never do know what either man will bring into the mix. And that sense of mystery makes a bout, even a third bout, between the two worth paying attention to.

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