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Boxing Insider says…. Come one, come all – to Sony Hall

If you asked anyone about their trip to Sony Hall in New York’s Times Square area, whether it’s for a concert or Boxing Insider Fight Night, they will invariably tell you about that long, winding staircase that is required to get down to it. This unique venue is located literally in the basement of the Paramount Hotel on West 46th Street, right there among the storied Broadway theaters that have housed many legendary performers.

In fact, if you go outside and look across the street and to your left, you’ll see the Richard Rodgers Theater, which has been home to the record-breaking musical “Hamilton.” And the Hamilton Gift Shop is right next door to Sony Hall.

Fight fans may not appreciate this all that much, but the space Sony Hall occupies was once a nightclub that was known the world over. It was called “Billy Rose’s Diamond Horseshoe,” and it featured dancers who were all at least six feet tall, which gave it considerable cachet. Rose, of course, was a famous Broadway producer who was immortalized in the movie “Funny Girl” as the husband of legendary comedienne Fanny Brice (for which Barbra Streisand won an Oscar). Rose hired an unknown Gene Kelly as a choreographer, and that began Kelly’s road to stardom.

When “On Golden Pond” was transferred from one theater to another on Broadway, it landed at Sony Hall, which was known as the Century Theatre at the time. It was a Tony Award winner. Numerous other events were held there, including the 50th anniversary luncheon for Vanity Fair. And there was a unique “immersive” (meaning that it removed barriers and involved the audience) production of “Queen of the Night,” which ran for two years.

In recent years the Blue Note Entertainment Group has acquired the venue, after which a partnership with Sony – which included the naming rights – was arranged. Over $20 million has been put into a restoration, which took place in advance of the “Queen of the Night” run. That’s not to say it doesn’t have the feel of an “old school” nightclub, because it does. But it’s also special and different, and there is the advantage of technology; whatever is state-of-the-art in audio and video, Sony Hall has it.

Boxing Insider Promotions started doing boxing events last August with an amateur show. In October, they moved into the professional ranks. And they’ve been going strong ever since. The consistency of their efforts is establishing Sony Hall as one of those classic boxing showcases where the atmosphere and ambiance become part of the show.

And those shows will keep coming. Boxing Insider has scheduled a number of dates at Sony Hall, and as you can see, there will be events in consecutive months from August through October.

Come and join us!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. KraigMus

    05/10/2024 at 9:24 am

    Наиболее стильные события мира fashion.
    Важные эвенты самых влиятельных подуимов.
    Модные дома, торговые марки, высокая мода.
    Приятное место для стильныех хайпбистов.

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