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Birmingham: Winky Will Exploit Williams

Posted on 04/07/2009

World-renowned trainer Dan Birmingham is confident his man Winky Wright has what it takes to suppress the seemingly unstoppable Paul Williams Express this weekend in an interesting potential changing-of-the-guard middleweight clash in Las Vegas. Birmingham, who is busy with two-time world amateur champ Matt Korobev, Adam Hubinger, heavyweight Lenroy Thomas, shares his thoughts on the Wright-Williams clash.

BoxingInsider: Winky Wright vs. Paul Williams – what are your concerns about the unique style of Williams?

Dan Birmingham: I really, I really don’t have any concerns with Williams’ style. My concern is getting my guy ready. If my guy’s ready I don’t worry about what the other guy is gonna do. Other than the fact that he’s tall and he’s a very good fighter. But he does lack defense. And I think Winky will exploit that.

BoxingInsider: What do you think is the key to victory for Winky?

Dan Birmingham: Well, really, just Winky being himself. Using his jab, fighting out of his rhythm, sneaking the jab in, just outboxing the guy and confusing him, working his body.

BoxingInsider: The hype on Paul Williams is he’s the most avoided, feared man in boxing, he’s tall, lefty, tough, takes a shot, throws a ton of punches, he’s an amazing fighting machine. I sense that you don’t quite buy into all that hype.

Dan Birmingham: They used to say the same about Winky. Because he was a very good southpaw fighter. At this juncture Winky doesn’t fear anybody. We already proved be can beat anybody out there. So with Paul Williams it’s not gonna be any different.

BoxingInsider: You were there every step of the way, what would you say were the finest, best performances of Winky Wright? Where Winky was at his very best?

Dan Birmingham: Actually, Vargas was one of them. Winky won nine or ten rounds and got outright robbed. I mean, everybody in the world, even Vargas at the post-fight conference, looked at Winky and said, You were the better man tonight. Gary Shaw nudged him, Hey, hey, don’t say that. Because they had already signed the Quartey fight for Vargas. But Winky’s first real solid performance was probably when he won the WBO title when he beat Bronco McKart. He was real solid. And of course the Trinidad fight.

BoxingInsider: Did you know beforehand that it would be so easy? I mean Winky pitched a perfect game that night.

Dan Birmingham: I did. And told everybody it was gonna be. Because I knew Trinidad lacked defense. He’s very good offensively but I knew he lacked defense. If you lack defense against Wink, forget it. Just like Paul Williams [smiles].

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