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Anthony Joshua’s Motivation? “Money, Money, Money”

Posted on 02/10/2023

By: Sean Crose

“Money, money, money,” Anthony Joshua said at a Thursday press conference for his April 1st comeback bout against American Jermaine Franklin, “I like making money.” Joshua went on to explain his rationale, a rationale that has motivated fighters since the era of bare knuckles. “Straight up,” he continued, “this is a prizefighting sport. I’ve been broke, my family has been broke. I know what this shit means. I do it because I’m good at it and I hustle hard. When it’s all said and done, nobody will care about me anymore so I’ve got to make the most of it whilst I’m here.”

Joshua went on to address the matter of his focus, as he appeared rather rattled after losing his second match to Oleksandr Usyk last year. “People will question where someone’s head is at,” he said, “that’s one thing. I think waking up every day is just a normal everyday thing, you don’t think about it. So going to the gym for a fighter is just a normal everyday thing, so many fighters go to the gym every day.” Joshua made it clear, however, that it’s been important to him to be motivated in order to continue on in the fight business.

Having his heart “back in the game,” after all, will better his chances of earning more money for himself, as well as for his family. “I always built businesses outside of boxing,” Joshua added, “because of the fear of going back to square one. I always tried to build an empire so when it’s all said and done, I would never be able to look back and say I made stupid decisions.”

In truth, Joshua was not all that long ago touted as perhaps the best heavyweight on earth. Even after losing to Andy Ruiz in 2019, Joshua refocused and handily won their rematch later that year. Since losing two in a row to the walking, talking skillset that is Usyk, however, Londoner Joshua has seen his stock dip. A win over Franklin in April will certainly help that stock tick back upwards. “This is the most serious I’ve ever taken it,” Joshua said of the impending battle with Franklin. “With my food, my sleep, my training. Everything I’ve been through. positive and negative, I’m putting into this camp.”

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