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Andre Ward vs. Chad Dawson: The Boxing World Weighs In

Posted on 09/07/2012

Not sure who you’re picking between Andre Ward and Chad Dawson? Check out how various members of the boxing world see this weekend’s 168 lb. clash going down…

So an American boxing establishment that contends the Klitschko brothers are “boring” expects us to get all excited about a match between Chad Dawson and Andre Ward? You have to feel for Dawson, though. His last two fights were against one of the dirtiest old fighters in boxing, Bernard Hopkins, and now he has to face one of the dirtiest young fighters in boxing, Andre “Son of God” Ward. Presumably Ward’s God is the Yahweh of the Old Testament, a mean dude who likely wouldn’t object to the headbutts, elbow shots and various other unsportsmanlike weapons in Ward’s arsenal. Dawson seems like a nice enough guy who has learned some hard lessons in the last few years, so my sympathy is with him in this fight, which is a tossup in my book.” — Johnny Walker, Boxing Insider

I am going with Ward by decision.” – Jackie Kallen, Boxing Insider

This is a bout that is not getting the attention it deserves. Two fighters in their prime at the top of their respective weight classes duking it out with no arguments over money, drug testing, or weight. That alone is a reason to applaud both men. It’s going to be a close one, but I give a slight edge to Ward.”- William Holmes, Boxing Insider

Like everyone else, I don’t expect fireworks here. Andre Ward’s last knockout victory came in September 2009 against Shelby Pudwell. Dawson? You’ll have to go back even further to September 2007, when he got Epifanio Mendoza out of there in the 4th. Both Ward and Dawson are more than content with going the distance, and although elite fighters themselves, neither has scored an emphatic knockout win over another elite fighter. Take that for what it is, throw in the fact that both are great defensive fighters with good chins, and we’ve got a fight that has “12-rounder” written all over it. In the end I favor Andre Ward, who fights 3 minutes of every round, adjusts well, and has what appears to be an unbreakable will to win at all costs. Chad Dawson is just too damn wishy-washy in there. One minute he looks like the best fighter on the planet, the next he looks like he’d rather be doing something else entirely different with his life. In Ward’s hometown, at super middleweight, I just have a hard time picking Dawson, who could win. The difference? Ward’s attitude is that he can’t lose. Andre Ward W12.”– Hans Olson, Boxing Insider

Dawson is very good and I applaud him for seeking this fight, but Ward is exceptional. He’s too hard to hit and fast enough on his feet to dictate the distance. He will make Dawson play catch-up most of the night. Ward by comfortable decision.” — Ivan G. Goldman, Boxing Insider

Ward UD. This is one of those fights the boxing purists will love, but others will use for sleeping pills. Will Andre Ward be able to cope with the reach and experience of Dawson with his southpaw style? The learning curve is steep but Ward has the speed, intelligence and stamina to do it. He won’t outclass Dawson as he did against Carl Froch—Dawson is too sleek for that—but will certainly win most rounds.”- Gabriel Béland, La Presse

I have Ward winning a unanimous decision.” Jesus Gonzales Jr., former US National Champion, and the last man to defeat Andre Ward. (Gonzales beat Ward in the amateurs at the 1998 “Blue and Gold” tournament in Baldwin Park, CA).

I predict a UD by Ward. I appreciate Dawson’s confidence to go down to [168] and to Ward’s backyard for this fight, but I think “SOG” has all the tools to win enough rounds from Chad, who will find it very difficult to hit his opponent clearly for points.” – Chris Ganescu, Gankor Promotions

There’s no doubt that Andre Ward is the favorite going into this fight. In my opinion, Andre Ward is among one of the best fighters in the world pound for pound. I think he should be way higher on everyone’s pound for pound list. I consider him one of the most complete fighters in the game today. Outside of being a one-punch knockout artist, he can virtually do everything that encompasses a true, complete, professional fighter. He can fight on the inside, on the outside, he goes to the body, he’s got great footwork…he’s as complete and intricate a fighter you can find in the game today. It’s pretty hard to pick out any weaknesses on him. Having said that, if there’s one guy that can nullify the strengths—maybe not exploit any weaknesses—but who can nullify the strengths, it’s Chad Dawson.”- Russ Anber, trainer and analyst

It’s a tough one to pick, but past experience has led me to believe that fighters going down in weight will struggle. I’m going with Ward by decision.”- Andrés Alvarado, BadSportsNews

Both fighters have fought tough opposition, but I think Ward will win a decision. He’s too technical, clean, and crisp.” – Michael Brooks, undefeated Long Island prospect and former top-10 141 lb. amateur.

Ward by decision, say what you will he’s good at what he does and I think me might be tougher mentally than Dawson. And again, how are Dawson’s legs at 168?” — Steve Kim, Maxboxing

In a fight between guys with skill levels such as Dawson’s and Ward’s, I’ll go with who I deem to be the more adaptable fighter. Dawson likes to fight at his own planned pace, and it can take him a round or two to shift gears when an opponent changes those plans (see: Johnson, Pascal). I think Ward wins those close rounds, and ultimately a decision.”- Corey Erdman, The Ring

Ward by decision. They’re of comparable ability, but having the fight in Oakland and moving down to Ward’s weight will be too much for Dawson to overcome.”- Stephen Tobey, Max Boxing

First thing people hung their hat on when this was signed was the weight differential and Dawson coming down. Of course in recent weeks we’ve come to learn that making weight when fighting on HBO, making weight is hardly a prerequisite these days. But Dawson is a true professional and I expect him not to be hampered by any weight issues and have the advantage as the bigger man. To me ‘Bad Chad’ is back on track to where he was when he was in the top 5 PFP lists a few years back. He stood up to a bully in Hopkins and threw him down to the canvas like a rag-doll in their first bout and took care of business in the second. Trainer John Scully has resurrected the telephone pole jab that made him a force to begin with, and it is something that will be key in his encounter with Ward. Andre was able to out jab a jabber in Kessler in the Super-Six but the Viking Warrior was definitely off that night. Expect Dawson to win a narrow ugly decision and for the cut-men to be busy.” — Dave Spencer, Fight News


11 see the fight going to Andre Ward, all predicting a decision. 1 is picking Chad Dawson. 2 see the fight going either way.

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