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Adrien Broner’s Fight With Michael Williams Off Due To William’s Injury

Posted on 02/17/2023

By: Sean Crose

Adrien Broner was supposed to return to the ring next week after being away from prizefighting for some time. Sadly, those plans have been cancelled. Michael Williams, Broner’s scheduled opponent for his comeback fight, has had to drop out due to an injury, leaving Broner without a dance partner for the 25th. BLK Prime, which was promoting Broner-Williams as a Pay Per View main event, said a new opponent and date will be set in the future.

Williams broke his jaw sparring while preparing to meet Broner in the ring. The entire situation must be a bit maddening for Broner at this point. He was first supposed to square off against Ivan Redkach, but then Redkach had to withdraw. Then the always popular Hank Lundy was chosen to be Broner’s next opponent, but then Lundy too had to withdraw. Now Williams, Broner’s THIRD opponent, has had to back out. In truth, it might be better for Broner to let things settle. The chaotic nature of recent events can’t be good for any fighter, especially one who, like Broner, hasn’t fought in about two years.

What’s more, even a victory over the little known Williams might not have done all that much to reestablish Broner’s reputation as a top fighter – unless, of course, Broner was to absolutely blow the man out of the water.

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