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Adrien Broner Returns Tomorrow Night After Two Years Away From The Ring

By: Sean Crose

It’s a big week for boxing so it’s understandable that Adrien Broner’s latest comeback fight is traveling a bit under the radar. It’s worth remembering, however, that Broner was once one of the hottest fighters in the sport. Indeed, he was seen about a decade ago as being the next Floyd Mayweather. That, however, never panned out for the man. Whether it was due to a lack of talent, a lack of discipline, emotional issues, or a combination all three, Broner lost every major fight he had (with the possible exception being a victory over Paulie Malignaggi almost a full ten years ago). Now Broner is ready to once again return to the sport.

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Friday night, at Casino Miami Jai Alai in Miami, the 34-4-1 Broner will fight for the first time in over two years when he takes on the largely unknown 20-2-4 Bill Hutchinson in a scheduled 10 rounder at welterweight. Should Broner win the fight, the public would most likely rightly take a wait and see attitude. Broner has come back before, after all. Sure enough, he’s only fought a handful of times over the last several years. Should Broner lose to Hutchinson, on the other hand, it will likely be seen as yet another indication that the Cincinnati fighter is no longer the ring presence he once was.

It’s notable that Broner is only 33 years of age – young enough to make a real comeback. Again, however, there’s the question of discipline, as well as mental health. There’s also the question of the fighter’s talent. Might Broner have truly peaked a decade ago? Was he simply not ever going to be able to rise to the heights of some of his peers? No one seems to know the answer to such questions. Perhaps even Broner himself doesn’t know. With that being said, whether he’s peaked or not, Broner has always been a quality fighter. Perhaps not a great fighter, but a quality one. And an entertaining one inside the ring, as well.

Is it worth paying a Pay Per View fee to watch him face Hutchinson on Thursday, however? That may come down to how loyal a loyal fan is, though the price for Broner-Hutchinson isn’t particularly high. Broner has now teamed with the famous (Or is it Infamous?) promoter Don King, who himself isn’t the force in boxing he once was. Could he, like Broner, be on the cusp of a return to glory – or will both men remain more or less on the margins of the sport they once thrived in?

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1 Comment

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