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Abraham vs. Sturm unlikely

Posted on 11/11/2008

“Abraham wont fight against Sturm”

Interview by Bjorn Jensen

Q: Are you especially nervous for Abraham’s fights?

I’m exited for every fight. But, of course, with Arthur its something special, he is the pearl of our team, our number one.

Q: Since Sturms last title defense all the talk has been about a possible Abraham vs Sturm fight? When will it finally come?

I don’t think the fight will go ahead. Both camps want the fight. But the 3 million required for each fighter looks unlikely. The only interest for this fight comes from Germany. And that would mean it would have to be financed in Germany. And that is unlikely.

Q: According to media reports, you have offered Sturm 2.5 million euros.

No I have not made that offer. One member of my company went to see the Sturm – Sylvester bout, heard that 3 million euros would be required to make the fight happen. My reply is: When we receive a 3 million euro offer for Arthur then we will gladly make the fight happen on ZDF. [Sturm’s network]

Q: Which brings us to another problem. Both TV partners want to broadcast the fight, is there a way around this problem?

I think so. We do have from time to time match-ups between Sauerland and Universum fighters and the broadcasters could certainly find a solution. We are ready to negotiate and want to fight, but I personally don’t think the fight will happen. Arthur’s future is in the US. He wants to fight WBO / WBC champion Kelly Pavlik in the summer and then he will move up to super middleweight, a fight will Sturm seems unlikely.

Q: The excitement around Sturm vs Sylvester must encourage you to produce more of these inter camp fights?

Yes it did, I still dream of tournament across weight classes between Sauerland vs Universum. These are the fights the German fans want to see.

Q: Isn’t there to much German boxing these days? From now until Christmas, there isn’t one boxing free weekend.

I have been saying for a long time, the increasing number of events isn’t a good thing. Sometimes you have to hold back on a product to make people really look forward to it. That criticism can be put to me also.

Q: You’ve received a lot of criticism for matching up Danilo Häussler against Mikkel Kessler. Was this fight bad for the sport?

It was Danilo’s last chance and I didn’t want to be the one to take it from him.

Q: Most recently one of your own, Nikolai Valuev, complained about a recent match-up. He doesn’t want to fight Evander Holyfield because he thinks he’s too old.

That is not true. Valuev was in a training camp in Japan when the fight was announced. It was his father in law that was against the fight. Niko himself sent me a letter assuring me that he would fight Holyfield.

Q: Many want to see Valuev fight one of the Klitschko brothers. Is that a possibility?

I do not know, I’ve not heard anything from the Klitschko brothers. For me its more important that our Alexander Povetkin gets a chance against Wladimir Klitschko.

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